To list only 5 coaches, Liu Guoliang Lang Ping Li Yongbo why not

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To list only 5 coaches, Liu Guoliang Lang Ping Li Yongbo why not

2016-08-25 19:03:56 1156 ℃

In August 24th, the IOC China announced the Rio Olympics on behalf of the list of Hong kong.

List includes all 42 athletes won the gold medal, table tennis players have 6 people: Ding Ning, Liu Shiwen, Li Xiaoxia, Malone, Zhang Jike, Xu Xin, accounting for 1/7.

Visiting team managers and coaches only five people: Zhou Jihong (national diving team leader), Yujie (the National Weightlifting Team Coach, Lang Ping (national female line coach), Liu Guoliang (national table tennis team head coach), Zhang (men's doubles national badminton team head coach).

Figure: "do not know the fat of the ball," Liu Guoliang, the national table tennis team coach

Figure: the "iron hammer" Lang Ping, coach of the National Women's volleyball team

Image: "The Brain yiyanbuge send Lin Dan signature racket" Li Yongbo, national badminton team head coach

Is beyond all expectations: with the mission to Hongkong's badminton team head coach Li Yongbo, but the men's doubles coach Zhang Jun.

Figure: "from the meat to the domineering man" Zhang Jun, head coach of the men's doubles badminton team

5 team leader and coach, the 4 is the "total" prefix, not only the badminton team head coach appearance, it must be a catch in it.

Liu Guoliang, when the athletes are grand slam, when the coach brilliant achievements, the Rio Olympic table tennis team is in one fell swoop won 4 gold medals.

We often see the Liu Guoliang, disciples sparring when the ball is on the basin hair; track side guide, intellectual program mistakes and fun "wake up this is Olympic Games" and domineering "don't let them live; after the game to the disciples below lay two eggs. After winning smooches disciple retort containing ring to his wife to pay tribute to marry the tenth anniversary.

Chinese table tennis team has such a coach, is really too happy.

Lang Ping, age of the player is the "iron hammer" spiker, world champion, the MVP of the 1982 World Women's Volleyball Championship; coach period, early in 1996 won the honorary title of "the best coach in the world" issued by the International Volleyball Federation.

The Rio Olympic Games, the Chinese women's volleyball team ranked fourth, at the edge of the knockout. Lang Ping led the women's volleyball girls, to 100 fold not Rao not to give up, indomitable spirit of the brave wins the blaze a new trail has PK off Brazil and the Netherlands, culminating in the final victory over Serbia. After 12 years to regain the Olympic champion.

If the game of table tennis team is smiling, relaxed and relaxed mood, so look at women's volleyball game is the ups and downs of soul stirring.

When the women's volleyball team won, wake up the number of the old women's volleyball team in the last century and 80s, we can not help but cheer for the new heritage of the spirit of the women's volleyball team.

Li Yongbo, head coach of the Chinese badminton team, once the Chinese badminton is pulled out from the bottom, who led the team to the 2012 London Olympic Games include badminton gold medal.

But this time the Rio Olympic Games, completely exposed a lot of problems. Many of the online transmission of hearsay, do not mention, only said publicly things we all know.

Team Zhangnan and zhaoyunlei emotional problems, to the Olympic Games has not straighten out, mixed doubles in an emergency; Yu Yang in the women's doubles competition key when the coach anger he throwing in the towel, lixuerui injured fell on the ground, Chen Jin coach to sit in the bench a few minutes indifferent. The advantages of the project team China previous singles, women's doubles mixed doubles was not a final. The contradiction between the players, the gap between the players and the coach, open to such a degree!

Participate in the 15 Olympic Games in Rio, there are 11 players participated in the last Olympic Games, the team built a significant fault.

Fortunately, the Fu Haifeng, Zhang Nan in the men's doubles, Chen Long men's singles two gold medals, awkward badminton team to restore the face.

Less gold is not terrible, but a team spirit is lax is the most horrible.

Believe liyongbo in the future will no longer go again and again entertainment star players signed the racket to send, if we can continue to teach, he will back from lost.

Speaking of which, you must understand, why Liu Guoliang and Lang Ping visit list, not Li Yongbo.

Only training wholeheartedly flutter in the team, life loving disciples such as the coach of the parents, in order to have embraced, in order to achieve good results.

The troubles, forget the beginning of the heart.

Rio Olympic Games have ended, but left thinking, there is rhyme.

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