Surprised! Syria players are most afraid of the 10 two were not selected! The first foot has been set, only three candidates for the position of doubt

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Surprised! Syria players are most afraid of the 10 two were not selected! The first foot has been set, only three candidates for the position of doubt

2016-10-05 00:59:29 227 ℃

In October 6th coincided with the National Day holiday, 12 finals and third field drama kicked off the national football Xi'an home court against Syria. Games preparatory work was in order, it is "everything is ready, only the start of the season, the Stadium turf race day, it may rain, site security and other aspects of the problem have a plan.

All fans waiting for Gao Hongbo led the country to win the foot of Syria, the whole take 3 points for the motherland birthday blessing, most worried about giving people happy holiday Tim blocking". PS]: Kay small series have been waiting for the scene to see!

The protagonist of the 12 strong match Syria and national foot has been unveiled at the Xi'an provincial stadium. As the Syria team in the last round of the miracle of 0 to 0 draw with South Korea, but the first 2 Orangemen lost 3 South Korean team, therefore, the Syrians Xinxinbaopeng, ready to take the eyes of A group was the weakest opponent Chinese team coach Hakim on the road, or even a big shake of a team, don't meet the requirements of the old game is temporarily "clean", a help in the beginning of the Rio Olympic qualifying 3 Asian Olympic team will beat Syria 1 Chinese Olympic team in the national team, including striker Chrisbin scored twice.

Syria players in an interview with the media, said the Chinese team 10 two impressive"! After confirmation, one of them is not the national football veteran - 36 year old veteran Zheng Zhi, another player is Olympic teenager Liao Lisheng, Liao No. 10 3 games scored two wonderful free kick. Syrian people from top to bottom are very attached to the 10 "two" players, when I heard that two people are not in the national team in the array was surprised, and even some lucky! Of course, into the South Korean free kick Hao Junmin also entered the focus of the opponent to take care of the black list". Zhang Yuning, who is expected to be the only returnees, said the Syrian defense "Zhang striker" very confident, "the Olympic Games when Zhang Yuning did not score a goal!"

All the signs indicate that the Gao Hongbo of Syria battle lineup aware of only two or three candidates for the position of doubt, in order to finalize before the start.

[One is the keeper, Gu Chao Yang Zhihe Yan Junling, who is the country foot?]CengCheng injury, Gu super play, although there are good saves, but slightly satisfactory, in addition to excellent goalkeeper sound, God class saves need personality "". The twenty-sixth round of the League of Jiangsu Suning away 0 3 lost Hangzhou Greentown disappointing, that game Gu Chao failed to save penalties even get the impression it lost. Yan Junling was originally a regular national team, the last minute and Wang Dalei was discharged in the national football team outside the list. Goalkeeper Yan technology is good, but some key events of the lack of "God class saves" now, lack of self-confidence, on some of the weak high ball League quarter finals, AFC Champions League on port 0 to 5 defeat, South Korea Jeonbuk Hyundai team shot very crazy, Yan Junling was stunned. After all is said and done, veteran Yang Zhi the first possibility is not small, especially this year, the national security League performance was criticized, but Yang Zhique won a voice of praise. With the author's understanding of Gao Hongbo, the country's first starting goalkeeper is super.

[Two is the "king of the ball" will continue to start it?]Have objections to the media and fans of the local league striker Wang Wulei starting a lot, especially in the first two rounds against South Korea and Iran when the opportunity ball does not enter, frequently the ball dropped, single ball missed etc.. However, Gao Hongbo said in an interview, the Orangemen offensive player without a goal, there are objective reasons, fatigue body condition is not good, I hope the media and fans tolerant, even before the first striker has revealed Zhang Yuning, said Yang Xu is only under certain conditions will be used, and Zhang Yuning on the bench, competition. With Gao Hongbo's personality and the concept of using people, you can be sure that the Syrian war Wu Lei first possible in 99%, the rest of the 1% is the game before the training of accidental injury or sudden illness.

[The three is the high military formation will hit 442 (4231), under special circumstances by 433 Syria storm.] country foot third game goal is to win with 3 points, 12 rounds before the hit South Korea, Iran play with 5 defenders abandoned, 4 guards from left to right are Feng Xiaoting, Zhang Linpeng and Ren hang, Zhao Mingjian, Yu Hai, Huang Bowen, midfielder Hao Junmin and Zhang Chengdong (Jiang Ning), and Zhang Yuning is the front line Wu Lei.

Battle of Syria is worth looking forward to! Orangemen victory!