Fan Zhendong won Guoping team full black, CCTV commentator compromised requirements change!

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Fan Zhendong won Guoping team full black, CCTV commentator compromised requirements change!

2016-10-05 00:59:38 610 ℃

The evening of October 3rd, a 19 year old teenager Fan Zhendong in 2016 Guoping Nanping World Cup singles final, with a 4-1 win over fellow brothers Xu Xin, record, became the youngest champion in the history of the World Cup Men's singles.

This is a table tennis world a happy thing, but the audience fans have to Fan Zhendong happy at the same time is very unhappy: three commentator's final CCTV commentary too angry!

Last night served as CCTV commentator Cai Meng, Yang Ying, Liu Wei. In the final interpretation process, professional term commentator who rarely stated a table tennis match, but in the whole publicity Lu Wang school, Ancient Chinese Literature Search, rumors (perhaps, gossip and almost slips) what have said, is not speaking of the game.

Be friends summary:

Cai Meng: 1 athletes age 2 ranked 3 in the world, all kinds of rumors is not speaking of the game

Yang Ying: personal preference is too obvious

Liu Wei: psychological and psychological, and the technology is nothing to use the game is more than the psychological.

CCTV commentator Cai Meng

In the famous table tennis reporter thoughtful micro-blog, users have Tucao comment requirements of CCTV commentator:

In the CCTV CCTV5 official micro-blog, many users have Tucao fans!

Indeed, last night the men's Table Tennis World Cup final is really wonderful, a new generation of Fan Zhendong projection guoping! The explanation is in want of perfection in this part, it makes Chinese table tennis audience can not endure.

CCTV commentator hope to be able to make a good reflection, to perform a professional interpretation of the professional quality and professional level. Remember that you represent the country CCTV professional commentary, rather than in the rural food stalls 35 people to drink a small beer comment and tucao.

Bless Chinese table tennis, in the future there are more and more outstanding top talent to emerge, continue to hit a glorious era for guoping!