Japan shiver! Even Malone Xu Xin took out Guoping prodigy world champion to conquer millions of foreigners

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Japan shiver! Even Malone Xu Xin took out Guoping prodigy world champion to conquer millions of foreigners

2016-10-05 01:01:12 335 ℃

Nanping in the World Cup finals, Guoping 19 year-old Fan Zhendong over his teammate Xu Xin won his first singles champion of the world. Under the two big brother Zhang Jike, Malone's Grand Slam halo, Fan Zhendong seize power potential has been opened, four years after the Tokyo Olympic Games, Fan Zhendong is destined to become the domineering filling Guoping leader, he will let the local operations of the Japanese Championship dreams.

The genius in China table tennis team, Fan Zhendong is a child prodigy, only 15 years old when he was named to the national team, at the age of 17, completed a world top Youth Table Tennis Grand Slam albert. In January 2015, Zhang Jike, Malone, Xu Xin, and Fang Bo won the Dubai World Cup championships men's team champion. The 2015 Asian Championships, Fan Zhendong winning the men's team, men's singles, men's doubles and mixed doubles champion four, complete personal miracle.

The Rio Olympics, Fan Zhendong just spectators, but after the Olympics, Fan Zhendong opens the big devil mode, even win 4 trophies, again thrown to the Olympic champion big brother. First in the ITTF Chinese open men's singles final, Fan Zhendong 4-0 victory over the new Grand Slam winner Malone, the harvest men's singles champion; the national table tennis championships, Fan Zhendong won the men's doubles, men's singles champion; the world cup fan Zhendong beat Xu Xin won the first World Cup champion.

Fan Zhendong, although only 19 years old, but has been famous all over the world's top star. A god save his video had Huobian Facebook, more than 1 million hits, BBC, FOX, ESPN and other well-known media have forwarded, called the ball too crazy, amazing.

The ball at the Japanese public competition, Fan Zhendong against France rookie Simon in the game, the ball from the side of the net over, hit the other areas of Taiwan, the score. According to the International Table Tennis Federation rules, "the ball hit the first side of the Taiwan area, then over or around the net device, and then hit the other Taiwan area can also score, so this points to Fan Zhendong, which shows Fan Zhendong ball ball soft feel, Fan Zhendong also won the Japan open champion. Run this ball is actually to Japanese.

The 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, the Rio Olympic Games won the men's team runner up team with a host of very eager to force over the Chinese team won the Olympic gold medal record, with Jun Mizutani as the representative of the Japanese national champion so shouting, Jun Mizutani also ironic Chinese adhesive glue cheat by Guoping win, but Fan Zhendong looked at such a growth speed, then I'm afraid Japanese or just cry a!