China sailing first person Guo Chuan lost contact with the flag into the Diaoyu Islands were intercepted

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China sailing first person Guo Chuan lost contact with the flag into the Diaoyu Islands were intercepted

2016-10-26 21:43:23 638 ℃

Guo Chuan (data)

Phoenix sports news Beijing time on the evening of October 26th, according to Xinhua news sports micro-blog, near the sea is single sailing across the Pacific China occupation contestant Guo Sichuan in the yacht sailed to Hawaii, at 25 PM Beijing time three points after the team lost contact with the shore.

Micro-blog screenshot

According to the latest news, near the three body ship sailing in the waters of Honolulu, Hawaii (Honolulu) local maritime rescue agencies sent rescue aircraft, found a sailing, but no one on the deck. Second search and rescue aircraft has go to Smolensk area, expand the scope of search and rescue. The US Navy has sent two ships to confirm the rush to the rescue, search and rescue personnel on board will check the trimaran.

Personal profile

Guo Chuan, male, born in January 1965, native of Shandong of Qingdao. Guo Chuan graduated from the Beihang University, and then obtained a MBA degree in Peking University, has been involved in the launch of the international commercial satellite, is now a professional competitive sailing. As the "first person" Chinese occupation sailing, sailing events in the international well-known Guo Sichuan has many "first", such as "the first Volvo global sailing Asian", "the first solo across the English Channel Chinese" etc.. November 18, 2012, Guo Chuan is about to open a single uninterrupted sailing voyage round the world. The sea has experienced nearly 138 days, more than 21600 miles of hard sailing, Guo Chuan on the morning of April 5, 2013 8 when driving around the "Qingdao" sailing to the home port of Qingdao, became the first single uninterrupted global navigation achievements Albert Chinese, also recognized by the International Sailing Federation will create 40 foot sailing single uninterrupted sailing around the world record.

News a little more

Guo Chuanjia arrived in Qingdao on the Diaoyu Islands by the Japanese patrol boats to intercept

Time: 07:36:07 2012-10-10 source: public network

"In fact, mainly on account of the Taiwan Strait high wind and waves, the ship appeared seasick peer more serious, so he decided to temporarily change the route from the waves is more stable and the island of Taiwan Ocean east bypass. Also 'inadvertently' close contact with the Diaoyu islands." October 4th, is about to drive a "Qingdao" for a single uninterrupted global voyage of the people of Qingdao, Guo Chuan returned to Qingdao from Hongkong on the way, told reporters after the bypass of the Diaoyu islands.

Want to challenge the world record

In September this year, the 47 year old Qingdao Guo Chuan announced that it will be driving a 40 foot sailing ship, Qingdao, a single uninterrupted global navigation, the world record of sailing sailing world challenge. Guo Chuan was the first to participate in theclipper round the world yacht race (Clipper) Chinese, is the first to complete the Volvo Global Yacht Race Chinese, Chinese from world peace and sports organization is also appointed as the first "champion of peace".

September 21st, "Qingdao" in Hongkong to complete the assembly and commissioning work. According to the original plan, Guo Sichuan in September 24th set sail for Qingdao to complete the voyage around the world before the first trial. The main task of this trial is to 'Qingdao' sailing from Hongkong to Qingdao, while testing control system of sailing and navigation and communications equipment, at the time of 7 days is expected to arrive in Qingdao." Guo Chuan introduced, but affected by the typhoon, the departure time was forced to postpone until September 29th, the difficulty of sailing and variable also exceeded expectations.

In September 29th 15, Guo Sichuan and Qingdao number two people departed from Hongkong stone forest owners began sailing overnight northward journey.

To take refuge in the temporary change routes

At the beginning, due to the southeast coastal area of offshore fishing boats on the sea are net intensive, in order to ensure the safety of Guo Sichuan keep away from the coastline of 4 to 6 miles of sailing, the whole wind driving, affect the sailing speed, but also increased the difficulty of manipulation and physical exertion.

In October 1st, Guo Sichuan arrived in Taiwan Strait in the southern waters of the Taiwan Strait, taking into account the high winds and waves, walk in stone forest after two days of bumps after there have been seasick serious, if it continues to follow the Taiwan Strait may cause serious bodily discomfort, Guo Chuan decided to change the route, from the storm more smooth island of Taiwan Ocean east bypass.

"Because the usual Taiwan Strait through many times, Taiwan island to the east of the sea has gone through many times, under normal circumstances, Taiwan on the Pacific Ocean waves is the outer sea is much smaller than the Taiwan Strait from the storm, so go off the coast of Taiwan is a normal sailing route selection." Guo Chuan told reporters.

But on this normal route of navigation on the way, Guo Chuan initiation to take a look at the idea of the Diaoyu islands.

Encounter Japanese patrol boat harassment

In October 4th, Guo Sichuan arrived in the Diaoyu Islands waters 20 nautical miles southwest of Sichuan, Guo hang out in advance of the fence a five-star red flag. Half an hour later, the three patrol boat on the sea, the most up to 6 ships, for we had to obstruct and intercept more than 3 hours.

"At that time, the radio equipment on the ship, to hear the Chinese ocean surveillance ship on Japanese patrol ships shouted:" our side is Chinese surveillance, please don't disturb the normal sailing ships China Japan in our territorial waters. "." Guo Chuan told reporters. "At that time, it was clear that the hull was printed with the Japanese maritime security agency." Reporter Guo Chuan shot in the video to see that the Japanese ships from the Qingdao, very close, almost turns around the Qingdao number to turn around. Guo Chuan has always maintained a sufficient restraint, he only said a word in the whole process, we are the Hongkong, we want to go from Qingdao to Qingdao."

"At that time was only 8.5 sea miles away from the Diaoyu Islands, would have wanted to go more recently, but there is no chance." Guo Chuan said, about 17 o'clock, they sailed away from the waters of the Diaoyu Islands, the Japanese ships, count down, walk about 100 nautical miles, and later met two China fishing boats, Zhoushan and No. 201, "was really excited, like to see their loved ones."

Next month on the odyssey"

After leaving the waters of the Diaoyu Islands, in the early morning of October 6th, Guo Chuan arrived in the East China Sea coastal areas of Jiangsu, and once again suffered danger. As the night sailing low visibility, "Qingdao" accidentally touched the fishermen placed net, propeller and keel sailboat was Chansi, motionless. Guo Chuan had to dive into the water with a knife to cut the net, took two hours to escape.

The evening of October 8th, Guo Chuan smooth landing, saw the long-awaited family, but according to Guo Chuan, in with my family after a short, his family has left Qingdao on the afternoon of 9 back in Beijing.

After the completion of the trial, Guo Chuan will be the final stage of practice and preparation, in Qingdao in November 4th, he will start what he called "solo Odyssey" uninterrupted voyage formally, starting from Qingdao, eastward across the Pacific, to Cape Horn, around Cape of Good Hope, Strait of Malacca, and finally return to Qingdao. Is expected to take 125 days of time, a total of 21600 nautical miles of the sea.