Hu Ruibao won the praise of the 5 major league trial Manchester or reproduction China player

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Hu Ruibao won the praise of the 5 major league trial Manchester or reproduction China player

2016-12-09 23:04:57 739 ℃

The day before, a trial of Manchester City Hengda players news domestic fans. Hu Ruibao at Manchester City, Manchester City Group currently allegedly obtained approval, likely to complete the contract. No Chinese players in the five major league or the end of the status quo.

At present, Hu Ruibao has ended the trial to return home, the trial is good, if everything goes smoothly, Hu Ruibao is expected to become a member of the club. Before, Hu Ruibao conducted a 10 day trial in Manchester, during which he had received on Manchester city. For this to go to Manchester City on trial, Hu Ruibao said: "on the one hand, I am currently in Hengda play much of a chance, I hope to have more opportunity to race. On the other hand, to play in Europe is my dream from a young age, there is a chance to realize the dream, I certainly do not want to miss. But this time I went to the city, regardless of the final can not stay, I want to look at your strength how, what is the gap between the top and the team, for the development of future certainly is a good thing."

In that Hu Ruibao is going to Manchester City after trial, Hengda also with Manchester City and Scolari, specifically for the exchange, because Hu Ruibao is just starting to rival the FA Cup final round of second match, the final Hengda and coach Scolari have agreed to release.

In fact, this is not Ruibao Hu went to Europe for the first time trial. In April this year, Hu Ruibao trial went to Portugal, when the trial object is the Portuguese team Marie Dimo, coincidentally Marie Dimo coach vingada is Chinese football old acquaintance, he coached Dalian shide. Hu Ruibao passed the trial, Marie Dimo thinks highly of Hu Ruibao, they give Hu Ruibao prepared a written contract, the contract in the first year of a team playing rate will reach 20%, 50% to second years, third years will reach 70%, which for a Chinese player was 20 years old, is very rare. But in the end because of various reasons, Hu Ruibao was not able to complete the Liuyang, but this only strengthened Hu Ruibao Liuyang determination.

Hu Ruibao is now waiting for news at home, Manchester City of Hu Ruibao's performance is very satisfactory, it can be said that Hu Ruibao's trial more optimistic outlook. If the labor card is the Hu Ruibao for the effectiveness of the restrictions, then if Manchester City Hu Ruibao's potential, they can sign Hu Ruibao, put him out on loan to exercise.