Little love to teach you how to distinguish between true and false bottles?

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Little love to teach you how to distinguish between true and false bottles?

2016-07-27 13:29:51 13790 ℃

In fact, in addition to milk powder, the bottle also has a lot of high imitation. So how do we identify it? Small love(WeChat ID: GZASER)Summed up the experience, to share with you, and not to do any advertising sales. Because the brand is more, so just choose a few more commonly used.

1 Pigeon

(1) really pigeon glass bottles to the sun will feel very pure and transparent, at the bottom of each bottle have embossed pigeon Corporation made in Japan, and there are only 5 digit code, each bottle are not the same. There is a network of graphics. Fake Pigeon glass bottles in general on the sun will not be very pure and transparent, but now there are good to do, but the bottom is generally lack of relief or 5 bit code duplication or not.

(2) really pigeon breast real sense of the nipple is very soft, toward the sun will see nipple many ring, bottom logo and pigeon glass bottle recognition method is basically the same, just code letters, and domestic pigeon nipple code will generally be repeated, but rarely, if code are the same that is probably fake the found by randomly buy three or four of the nipple. False pigeon breast real sense of the nipple feels a bit hard, toward the sun will see the nipple has a ring, but general ring thickness consistent or only a few. And because it is not the use of silica gel, the general will have a strong rubber flavor.

(3) the QS logo on the Pigeon bath is printed on the bottle body. Fake Pigeon bath supplies QS logo is affixed to the.

Now we all items can be purchased on the Internet, which give us brought a lot of convenience, but personally think that don't what items are bought on the Internet, especially we for your baby to use some of the items, some treasure bottle of mother bad, did not have time to go to the regular supermarket to buy, directly in line to buy a bottle, this is very bad, now there are many businesses in order to reap benefits, earn HeiXinQian, some unqualified products manufacturing, especially in the feeding bottle, if it is false, the direct harm is the baby's health. Today we will teach you to determine if AVENT bottle is true, and I hope to help you.


When we buy bottles must go to a regular place to buy, in the purchase to take a look at. General genuine Avent bottles we in his mouth position will see a bunch of white English printed body, we carefully look at will see is madeinengland, fake making normal possible.

We will look at the Avent bottles at the bottom of the bottle, if it is really the Avent bottles that we won't see a connected together in a line on the bottom of the bottle and bottle of bottle body, but due to the false might not be with this line. This is a place to distinguish between true and false.

We can also look at the Avent nipple is not hard, authenticity is should be a little hard, and we will in the bottle mouth place see a heightening of the mat, which is a more prominent, we can to some place look Avent bottles will find different.

General fake AVENT bottle on the font is relatively shallow, but if it is false, then we will see not only the character of the fuzzy, but also relatively rough.

We buy the Avent bottle genuine font will be blue, and particularly clear and because we bought a new, bottle at the interface will more obvious, and on some of the edges we will feel more rowers, but leave may will be uneven.

We buy in the AVENT milk bottle must pay attention to, this is for the baby to use, related to the baby's health, we had better consult to view, carefully buy, carefully online shopping.


And poor quality milk bottles are also likely to contain harmful substances, so that when heated will produce harmful substances, harm to the health of the baby.

We buy a bottle, if it is good, we will see the bottle body of the feeding bottle is relatively bright, and that there would be no magazines, corporate logo is very clear, and the quality is guaranteed, not yet the use of the emergence of the deformation, and we opened after also won't smell any special odor.

Betta's status in the bottle world as LV in the luxury world. Said it was a little bit too noble. Because each bottle is Handmade, yield is not high, so the Japanese stores are often out of stock.

Betta is characterized by the "rivet gun" shape of the bottle design. This special research and development perspective is in order to let the baby with a bottle of milk in the milk and can show the same time posture. Let the baby sit drinking milk is good for:

  • To prevent the liquid through the eustachian tube and ran to the middle ear, causing middle ear disease.

  • Let milk can be very natural and smooth drink, the comparison will not choke.

  • Betta special curve, can also let the baby in milk and will air in the bottle to extend the bottle body rise, slow down baby flatulence.

Xiao Bian understand those in domestic buy knockoff parents mood, wanted to give the baby the best things. It was found to be tricked, genuine into knockoff, cost more than worry about their baby's health.

There are buyers in contrast to the official website or the local purchase of Betta and Betta from a domestic platform to buy, the difference is concentrated in the following points:

Sealing and printing

The official website version Betta bottle packaging is not sealed, but the cottage version was added, as long as the open can not return, increase the difficulty of rights. In addition, the cottage version of the printing is relatively rough, we can see the official version of the official website of the mother's hair is clearly visible, but the cottage version does not have such an effect.

Users as well as the drying out of the Japanese version of the betta teats and version of the cottage Betta nipple outer packing differences, figure left right false, in fact, has imitation like the, the key point is the official version of the printed font fruity is, cottage version of printing font slightly blunt. In the middle of the pale green text on than will be apparent. (white below the difference is because the left is O type hole nipple, nipple hole + right is the word, is not a fake version of a typo)

Side product name

It seems people are not fully engaged in copycat business contact with the foreign language, the packaging side of the product name was misprinted!

The official version: no in graduate school graduate nursing department's Vespa fries (sound dokuta-betta/ for Doctor Betta bottle)

Copycat version: do not Graduate Institute of nursing in head of fries (sound for tokuka hetta's better... Katakana in addition to devoice, long tones were ignored, Japanese is not good, but anyway here printing can not translate into upstairs of meaning, if after the baby grew up learned Japanese and accidentally found her own baby period used the bottle and hope does not increase heart shadow area...)

But is not said as long as the print of the must be true, the crime gang, there may be the work of a conscientious and colleagues in imitation of the commodity name and all text identical to, so other places also need to pay attention to.

Product accessories

The official version of the Betta bottle, there are external packaging, bottle, product list, use the 4 part

A copycat version of Betta bottle, packaging, bottles, instructions for use, including the nipple 4 part

Piracy less product list, a pacifier, seemingly intimate, but wear out a dummy, and another pacifiers and other false, think about also is very terrible.

The company

Betta genuine Company Name: Zoom, T

Company name: Pirate Betta Corporation Vespa fries Institute

Any "Corporation Vespa, ICTs" or its variants of false, Xiaobian in Bala Taobao, also saw "Corporation Vespa ICTs" this version, it appears that piracy is more than a form. Printed on the outer package, T Zoom is also a cottage version, where the company is certainly not a company T Zoom is false, can not be completely inferred is that it must be true.

The difference of the nipple

User feedback to buy a pirated Betta nipple scalded with boiling water a pungent odor, pacifiers ventilation mouth did not open (want to say we are in to buy a milk bottle, not to buy Lego, also need to do it yourself to complete assembly......) , but also from the figure was observed differences in color and workmanship, pirated font relatively rough, genuine nipple will be marked with numbers.

The scale difference

User feedback to buy a pirated Betta bottle no scale and other a plurality of different brands of bottles loaded with milk is 80ml, but irrigation to pirated Betta bottle was 90ml, if the home has a plurality of bottle can hold water test under.

The bottom of the two-dimensional code

A clumsy denial resulting in self-exposure masterpiece, but let a lot of people to buy the fake "genuine" believe this. Even in the comments section of some fake stores to see many similar saying "verified absolutely authentic," to check should be authentic, Japan produced exclusively for the Chinese products ". But in fact, there is no real genuine security code! We use WeChat sweep this false two-dimensional code, there is no! By! Recognize! Card! The false public number, it also made a fake anti fake verification page, all serious pirated goods can be verified here success... In addition to anti-counterfeiting and verification of the contents of all is under construction, if usually focus on some real public official number, comparing the number of false public, will feel very strange, the most critical or it does not certified.

Betta bottle is divided into two series, the difference lies in the nipple:

  • Smart series: need to chew a look to the milk, closer to the feeling of breast milk, so it is suitable for primary or breast feeding mixed feeding (breastfeeding + bottle feeding) baby.

  • Gem series: more suitable for all milk powder feeding baby, as well as new mom to buy.

O shaped nipple: slow velocity, 0-4 months baby.

Cross flow: according to the situation of the nipple sucking baby changes, 3-4 months after the baby use.

Glass, resin, plastic...... Which material to buy? What is the use of colorful color?

Betta bottle safety standards are higher than the EU standards, so the purchase of any material of the bottle is very safe. We can recognize the material by the letter number of the Betta bottle, the number of digital ID number, the more the color is suitable for the night and the elderly.

  • G: glass G2 represents 2 colors in the bottle, and so on.

  • T: resin (copolyester) TT is monochrome, T2 is 2 colors in the bottle, and so on.

  • P: PP P2 plastic is monochrome, is 2 colors in the bottle, and so on.

  • S:PPSU S2 is the 2 colors in the bottle, and so on.

How to choose the size of the bottle?

In the baby's gums has not yet developed a complete, should not be used large bottles (will hurt the baby tender gums), it is proposed to buy slightly larger than the number of baby milk bottle. Like Betta bottles have these capacities can be selected:

  • 70ml (after the newborn can be used to drink) only glass material

  • 120ml

  • 150ml (PPSU, polyester plastic and plastic scale is actually 150ML capacity)

Okay。 If you have any other want to understand or want to know more, you can always pay attention to our headlines.