Kids lack of zinc 6 performance, Zinc 4 measures

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Kids lack of zinc 6 performance, Zinc 4 measures

2021-11-25 00:01:04 18 ℃

It is well known that zinc is one of the trace elements necessary for the human body. Zinc deficiency can lead to poor haze, lymphocyte atrophy, immune function reduction, affecting children's growth and development.

Therefore, zinc also has the reputation of "flowers of life" and "source of intelligence". It is also because zinc is the key to brain cell growth, so if the child's long-term lack of zinc can affect its brain function, the brain cell is reduced, which makes children's intellectual development, so that children are getting clump. ...

Child is lacking zinc 6 performance symptoms

1, digestive function reduction

The digestive function is mainly manifested as loss of appetite. Lazing will affect the function of tongue, so that the taste is sensitive, so that the baby is easy to bother, some will have a variety of food, such as eating soil, coal residue, etc.

2, repeated oral ulcer

The zinc-deficient baby is often the long ulcer in the mouth, or a tongue mucosa appears on the tongue. It is similar to a map-like tongue.

3, grow slow growth

Zinc is one of the necessary trace elements of human metabolism. Once the lack of cell metabolism, it hinders the function of growing hormone axes. As a result, growth and development have been affected and the baby is short.

4, the immune function is lowered

Zinc deficiency can damage the immune function of the cells, so that the baby is prone to infectious diseases, such as the upper respiratory tract infection or bronchial pneumonia.

5, intellectual development

Zinc can synthesize dna and protein in brain cells, which affect baby intellectual development.

6, the test and check the zinc level

Test the zinc level low-deficiency baby, serum zinc is often below 11.47umol / L.

Prevent children's lack of zinc 4 measures

1, the right amount of animal food

Methodible Animal food is generally rich in animal foods rich in zinc and easy to absorb. So, you have to eat some animal foods, such as lean meat, liver, fish, avian eggs, oysters. Some mom is afraid of baby too fat, or afraid of baby on fire, always limiting them to eat meat. In fact, animal food is the basic nutrients needed during the baby growth, it must be eaten. Of course, some baby only like to eat meat and don't eat vegetables, you must also correct it.

2, often eat zinc-rich food

I often eat zinc-rich food soybeans, and there is a lot of zinc in peanuts, and often eat some for the baby. For example, drink a little fresh soy milk every day, take a little oil. Also, nuts such as nuts and other nuts are also high, or they can often eat it. These foods are very simple, and Mommy can be able to use your heart.

3, cultivate good eating habits

The phenomenon of current baby, partial, and picking eaters is getting more serious. Some moms always pay attention to give the baby to supplement advanced nutrients, but ignore the public diet, which leads to nutrients. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to diversification, so that the baby is balanced ingest nutrition.

4. Baby and early replenishment of the baby that may have zinc

Baby and early blood premature babies that may have zinc, artificial feeding, often diarrhea, which is prone to nutritional impairment, there is zinc symptoms, and pay attention to zinc early.

For the baby, the food is fine, such as leeks, bamboo shoots, oatmeal and other foods, born and cereals germs are also higher, and these foods will affect zinc absorption in the intestine. For babies with zinc symptoms to take zinc nutrition supplements to high efficiency 补 锌!