1 day can frozen more than 200 embryos!Secret Embryo Lab: Embryo "Trekline" operation, some people change a pair of glasses

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1 day can frozen more than 200 embryos!Secret Embryo Lab: Embryo "Trekline" operation, some people change a pair of glasses

2021-11-25 00:04:30 15 ℃

After the implementation of "comprehensive three children" policy, the problem of infertility, and elderly fertility, the auxiliary reproductive technology is more concerned.

In many hospitals, reproductive medical libraries have become the most popular department, and the patients here every day are endless. As the "heart" of the Reproductive Medicine, embryonic divisions acts a very important role in the success of the test tube infants. Because of the behind-the-scenes, they have been concerned and mentioned.

After the implementation of the "comprehensive three children" policy, is the workload of the embryonic staff becomes big? How is the "life factory" batch baby? Sperm and eggs of different patients, will embryos not blend? Henan Business Daily reporters walked into the reproductive medical embryo laboratory to uncover the mystery of embryos.

[After "comprehensive three children" policy, patients with frozen embryonic recovery increased significantly]

In the South China District of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, the reproductive medical building is to carry a number of hopes of hopes.

If you come to the second floor of the reproductive medical department at 89., you will see that the patient will take the elevator and the corridor.

In the embryonic laboratory of the sixth floor, the busyness of embryoists began from six o'clock in the morning - they have to start a daily security verification, from the environment of the embryo laboratory to the incubator of the embryo, from storage reagents The refrigerator is operating normally in the workstation.

Both aspects must be strictly verified by embryos and confirm that everything will begin to work in a new day.

Liu Yanli is a deputy teacher technician, the third affiliated hospital of Zhengzhou University, mainly responsible for the frozen recovery of embryos.

"After the three-child policy, patients who carry frozen embryonic recovery have increased significantly. Many can't think about the second child, three children, I want to try it again." Liu Yanli said. According to reports, the average age of husband and wife who is 32.8 years old is 32.8 years old, and the older woman is 48 years old.

These families have been tested tubes in the hospital before, they have completed the most critical embryonic cultural stages of the early stage of the test tube, and there is still a frozen embryos stored in liquid nitrogen tanks. Next, I only need the embryonic staff to play, awaken a small life that sleeps.

Liu Yanli's work has also become very busy. Her work is in seconds, and every day is competing, "more time to refrigerate more than 200 embryos."

It is also the skill of her and colleagues, a frozen embryo is now full of blood, bringing happiness and hopes to more families.

[Embryo staff's daily: "pipeline" operation, change a pair of glasses in one year]

In the "life factory" in the embryonic laboratory, Liu Yanli is just a link on the infant juicy line.

It has a 22-person embryonic team, and they will work according to the class and closely collaborate.

According to the needs, embryonicists are divided into different positions: embryonic observation post, hoeing post, semen treatment post, awarded, embryonic shift, embryonic frozen post and embryonic residue.

Every day, it has not been bright, and under the slightly light in the embryo laboratory, the embryoists have begun to observe embryo, from being fine to the egg, from the eggs to the blastocyst. Each embryo has been embryonic.

When seeing a good embryo, they will be enthusiastic; when seeing embryos, they are like eating a child.

The work of the embryonic laboratory is not single, but a multi-position, a variety of classes, parallel.

The embryonic staff here observed embryos, the embryonic staff there had begun to take an ovate. Each egg is an embryonic germist observed a plurality of fields of field of views from the ovary liquid, and the follicle liquid taken out in each tube must pass the embryonic division from left to right under the microscope, from top to bottom rotation repeated Observation. For patients with less follicles, patients with difficulty eggs, embryonicists are more cautious.

The embryonic staff responsible for fertilized, often sitting in front of the microscope is an afternoon, often missed lunch in order to ensure the best time of fertilization.

Zhang Jianrui is the deputy chief physician of the Department of Reproductive Medicine, mainly responsible for the enthusiasm. Staring at the microscope for a long time, let his lens are full of wear, "a year to replace a pair of glasses" is his standard.

[Work must be zero mistakes, embryonicists have obsessive disorder]

There is an interesting phenomenon in the embryonic laboratory, and the doctors here have obsessive disorder.

Zhang Jianrui was called the "ceiling" called obsessive-compulsive disorder.

His obsessive disorder has been serious to a person who can't get off work.

Henan Business Daily reporters learned that because of the particularity of embryonic laboratory work, every work in the laboratory is carried out.

It is to ensure each egg, each sperm zero error, zero incorrect combination. This is why doctors here have occupational diseases, obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Especially in the optimization processing links of the semen, not only double-person check, there will be electronic checking systems simultaneously.

Embryoists are strictly reviewed every aspect of work, take care of it, ensure that every sperm and egg are handled.

"Our work must be zero mistakes. If there is an error, it will affect the patient's life, and even cause the family to break." Zhang Jianrui said.

This kind of rigor has affected the lives of doctors. Zhang Jianrui frankly, sometimes it is clear that he has already done a thing, but it is not assured, but also need to check confirmation.

For more than ten years, Zhang Jianrui and Liu Yanli are already "old hands". But but never dare to relax, as long as I walk into the laboratory, the string in my mind is tight. [The patient is coming with the banner, but I don't know who, they are behind the scenes]

All of the efforts of embryonicists are for embryos that can grow well, so that patients have successfully pregnant, so their pressure will also be reduced.

If you encounter difficulties, embryonicists are more difficult to sleep all night. Because the fertilization is not good, or because the embryo development is not good, the embryo staff can change the Japanese elegant gesture, in the office meeting, in-depth research, fierce scenes comparable to the game.

As the behind-the-scenes hero, they have already been used to being silently paid behind. Since most of the patients infertility are the reproductive medical physicians, they have been handed over to the embryonic staff team to the embryo.

Therefore, there are many patients who want to thank these behind-the-scenes heroes after successful pregnancy, but they don't know who to find.

At this time, it is also the most accredual feeling and touched by embryos.

Zhang Jianrui said: "After some patients succeed, suddenly with the banner, holding a child, thank our team. Our heart is really touched."

Just 1 year ago, after 17 years, a 53-year-old mother came to the hospital with his own twin daughter. Thank yourself "Sending Guanyin", the Director of the Reproductive Medicine of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, Director Wang Xingling.

Looking at the two little girls have long been slim, all medical staff in the reproductive medical department feel unprecedented and exciting. It is the work of doctors and embryoists to make a little life here, and send a happy and hope for thousands of households.

One side banner, thank you, a trust given by a patient, let embryoists have a mission, willing to use a life to guard.