There is a kind of genetic call "Advantage is not inherited", special parents' shortcomings, netizens: Can I retrofit?

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There is a kind of genetic call "Advantage is not inherited", special parents' shortcomings, netizens: Can I retrofit?

2021-11-24 23:57:13 17 ℃

There is a kind of genetic call "Advantage is not inherited", special parents' shortcomings, netizens: Can I retrofit?

The strength of the gene is still very powerful, not only the blood of the parents and children, but also a mirror, from the child's behavior, you can see the quality and quality of the parents. Not only is the characteristics of the character, the appearance is also genetics, or how often is the child and parents look like it. A lot of super-high star couples, their children's appearance is also a special beauty, and a small age is a beautiful beauty. Parents, of course, I hope that children can inherit their own advantages, they can generate the strengths of their parents, but God always like to joking, many children are not inheriting the advantages of their parents, specializing in picking parents to inherit, you said this is not angry people. Many netizens are also laughing, can I re-retrofit?

There is such an example around you. In the forever, the relatives gathered, and the sister for a long time is also a guest with a family. This sister is a lot of people to praise in the courtyard, because it is beautiful. The skin is very white and delicate, no need for makeup is especially good, Liu You is also particularly outstanding, the proportion of five officials is perfect, it is said that as long as it is a sister, there will be no side to fall. But there is a defect in the tanguar, which is a low height, but the overall feeling is still very good. And the sister is also a table of talents, a tall, although it is more common, but it is not ugly.

According to the truth, such a child's child girls will be very good, after all, the parents are strong, and the parents are in here. But it is good, the little prostitute is successfully avoided all the advantages of their parents. The little priest is black, the same as the sister, but the sister is not very high. If you can inherit the appearance of the tangk, it is, but it is regrettable that the little prostitute has already acted in elementary school, the value is still very ordinary, the face is relatively large, and the sister is not very similar. It may be no longer open, but our family is sigh, this child is really powerful, avoiding all the advantages.

As such a situation is also uncommon, many netizens are also coming to spit, parents are a big high, but the child is not high, and people are very helpless. Many netizens have laughed, watching the child successfully avoids all the advantages, really can't wait to come back, re-raise a child.

Many netizens are also laughing, look at people's stars, and strong genetic genes are also letting children have become a winner of life. The most well-known thing is that Tian Liang is a family. The husband and wife are handsome, and the child has also inherited the powerful excellent genes, and it is very handsome and very good.

But complaining, returning, no matter what, what is the child grows, but the child's pet is not reduced. Even if the child can't inherit the advantages of parents, parents will still hold their children in their hands. As long as the child is healthy and safe, it is more important than anything. The appearance is just an additional entry, the child's personality is the key, as long as the parents are patiently guided, good education, the child can behave very well, as long as the method is proper, then it is enough.

According to experts, these genes are relatively good.

1st, double eyelid

The representative of the dominant gene is a double eyelid. As long as the family has a double eyelid, then the child's big probability can inherit this advantage, the double eyelid is still very pulled, it is the standard of beauty. If you are a girl, you can inherit this advantage is still very happy.

There are still a lot of dominant genes, such as rough eyebrows and big ears, are very easy to gene in children. But one thing to pay attention is that obesity is also easy to gene in to children, so parents should work hard, to maintain a good body, so it is also beneficial to the next generation.

2nd, sleeper

Although the wine nest is a hidden inheritance, if the parents don't have a bowl, don't be discouraged, because the child is also probably a good look. But if family members have bald phenomena, then they must be cautious, because the germal chances of baldness are still very big, many sons are the bald genes of their father, this is very helpless.

Inheritance is not only inheriting the characteristics of parents. It may also be induced by genetics. It is the characteristics of the child inheritance of the grandfather, so before you have a child, you must go to the hospital for marriage, timely treatment of some family genetic diseases, so the child will only be born Healthy, you can make your parents more worry-free.

As a mother, although it feels that the child's appearance is quite important, the congenital gene is very affected, but the education and guidance of the day after tomorrow cannot be ignored. Reasonable eating habits and guarantees everyday exercise, which will make children more temperament, the body will become better, shape is not light from genes, but also bits in life, the parents should also pay attention to usual Education and cultivation. I don't know which parents have inherited in your baby?