The husband and wife are hit by the child, and after the four eyes, the high-job Bao Dad is ingenious!

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The husband and wife are hit by the child, and after the four eyes, the high-job Bao Dad is ingenious!

2021-11-25 00:03:14 20 ℃


Recently, I saw a couple of couples on the short video platform. I want to be intimate. It is difficult to delay the child's attention, but the child will always find it in time.

I believe a lot, you have such troubles, you want to find a chance to be intimate, you can always bother to be born, you can't go smoothly.

There have been some individuals have had a survey. The subject of the investigation is how many people have seen their parents in the childhood. After the survey, I saw that the results were very amazing, almost more than half of those people have seen this kind of thing when I was young.

The husband and wife have not intentionally hit by the child, and the parents have such a wit, and they are praised!

Some of the netizens who have become a parent have seen this survey, they have been very embarrassed, and they have tried to avoid children when they do these things.

I will deliberately think that the child is not at home, or when I sleep, I will not make a sound on the door lock. But before we have already made parents, I believe that parents do this when they are children, they must meet their parents do this.

Even if it is already careful, it is full of full preparation, but it will still be invisible by the child. Sometimes children don't understand, even directly Zhang Qi: "What are you doing by Mom and Dad."

How did you answer your child's question? I believe many people will not know what to say.

Sometimes it is just free to perfute the child, and I will not directly answer his questions, but such an answer child will not satisfy, always break the casserole.

Below I will share a good way to answer your child very well. If you learn this answer, I believe that you can eliminate the embarrassment, and I also answer the curiosity of the child.

There is a netizen sharing your child, and I have met this kind of thing. At that time, they were at the child, and the child suddenly woke up and asked what they were doing. Why did you be so powerful?

At this time, her husband said a very witty answer: "There is a mouse under the bed, and Dad is caught in the mouse."

There is also a person sharing her experience from his friend. At that time, two people woke up their children when they were in the same room. What did their children ask what parents do?

Dad said to the child: "I and your mother are playing hide, but this is the gameplay, you are too small, you have to play after you can play?" Listen to your parents, I must say that I have to be fast for my parents. Big and Mom and Hide together.

There is also a netizen sharing his own experience, when the child asked the same problem as other children. I think this father's answer is the most witty, and it is also the most common sense.

The child's father said: "Because my mother is really tired when I work during the day, I decided to do a massage to my mother, help my mother alleviate the exhaustion of the day. If the strength is too light, it may be not good enough, if you have a big baby, Mom and Dad can go to other rooms. "The child was also fascinated by fooling.

I have seen so many ways to answer, in fact, we can probably find it. If the child is not a very big parent, just find a relatively reasonable excuse to explain, he basically believes.

Then you have a child, so you can then sleep. If the child is relatively large, for these poor excuses, don't want the plate, then parents don't take a more intense attitude.

You can take advantage of this opportunity to conduct a relatively simple preliminary education. This gives the child's doubt and teaches how children should treat this kind of thing in the future.

We can also choose some children to be easily accepted, telling the painting of sexual education, such as this kid's sexual Kaimon Education.

What parents need to know is that the child has gradually entered a "sexual bud period" at the age of 3, and this stage is also an important process of children's psychological development. It can give children the right sexual education knowledge.

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Such a simple sexual education course has no effect on children's psychological development, but you can also teach children. What should I do if I don't do anything, if I meet this kind of thing or by other bad people, I am How to refuse.

However, I still recommend that the couple will try to find a time and place that will not be discovered by the child before doing this kind of thing. Children can sleep a little bit a little bit.

Before you want to be intimate, make sure your child is already asleep and lock the door. After all, however, the child is also a minor, so that he is so intuitive in such a small age, which may have certain effects on their mental health.


I don't know how to deal with this thing after you have children? If you have encountered this thing that you have suffered this thing, don't feel nervous.

Because the current children have come into contact with the Internet, I have learned a lot of knowledge, which may be prematurely than we think, and this is a very good sex education for the child, so parents don't think that this is found It is a bad thing.