2-year-old child crying, Dad throwing it behind: I will leave, I will hurt how many children

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2-year-old child crying, Dad throwing it behind: I will leave, I will hurt how many children

2021-11-24 23:57:48 60 ℃

Hello everyone, I am a mother.

Her child outside, the children crying even Sapo roll, how to do?

I believe that many parents have used this trick: the threat of the child, "You do not listen I left," and then pretend to leave.

Most of the time children would immediately stop crying themselves to keep up. It appears that this approach is very useful, but really okay?

Recently, some "angry father and 2-year-old child, the child left alone in the street," the video, see people getting scared.

November 6, Jinhua, Yiwu, 2-year-old man led the boy across the street. The boy suddenly tantrums do not go, and sat down on the ground.

Uncompromising man, alone in pushing baby carriages to move forward, walking and looking back. But the boy did not follow up, but hang on to the ground.

On the road car to drive to, in the men walked down again when a pickup truck appears, turn and headed toward the boy ......

Fortunately, the boy is not right, just a little scratch. But this breathtaking scene still makes people worried and angry:

Road so dangerous, it is a place to educate their children? Should not the first time the children taken away it?

Imagine, if a little small truck shifted direction, the result will be.

In early May, a Shanghai mother using the same method, 5-year-old son wanted to give a lesson, did not expect to turn a child is severely lesson.

In the afternoon, the mother took her mother with son playing outside. Because the son did not listen, she took the children to pretend to leave her grandmother, hid under a tree near his son observed reaction.

Look boy has been sitting on the pier-law and son thought he would not leave, on guard, chatting.

I did not expect, and then I looked up, the child was missing. Both looking-law, there has never been a boy figure, only the police.

Originally just wanted to scare the child, the child results really lost.

Fortunately, the police eventually found the children by monitoring. The boy thought mother and grandmother to go home, he relied on memory, while looking for people to ask the way, walked toward her grandmother's house, all the way back to the grandmother at home.

Monitoring, the little boy figure distressed.

5-year-old baby to know how to find someone to ask for directions, say exactly home address, very smart, very rare.

If a little child again, do not tell home address?

If you run into malicious person or even traffickers do?

If the child crossing the road, but they did not pay attention to just a car drove over it ......

Each if the latter are unpredictable consequences, adults too late to regret.

"You do not listen I left", which is many parents deal with the "bear children" usual routine. It's fast, efficient, effort, most of the time, hard to engage children will obey.

But also to raise the children to safety as a precondition, in a safe place, a safe manner.

Pretend to leave the children with the threat, not only unsafe, may also bring psychological harm to the child.

During the battle of wits with the children, the parents will find:

Vexatious child is not terrible, Sapo roll is not terrible, just turned to leave, say "I do not want you," the child immediately surrendered obediently tame.

For children, there is nothing more terrible and more desperate and more helpless than Mom and Dad do it yourself?

Figure Source: Vision China

If you want to control the child, the child uniforms, it is indeed an effective way. But if you love children and want to educate their children in the right way, this method is recommended to use less.

It is a kind of psychological violence, emotional kidnapping, parents bullied children use their strong position, the child will bring fear and hurt.

Girlfriends said, there are times she took her daughter to the mall, buying something to go home, but the little girl at the playground in front of Lai will not go away.

She Haoshuodaishuo, the little girl would not listen, and finally she tired, she said: "You play with themselves, I'm gone." Then she got up and left after the wall went into hiding.

The little girl sitting on the ground and burst into tears, crying for a while to see my mother did not come back, and walked to find her mother crying. Girlfriends wanted to give her daughter a lesson does not appear immediately, but secretly followed.

That night, the little girl slept very practical, always woke up from a dream, woke up to find her mother.

Until now, as long as people go to crowded places, certain little girl tightly holding her mother, her mother can not see what he was afraid, what fun is no longer clamor to play.

The little girl was to become obedient, but girlfriends say a little distressed, and hope that their daughter like before, "willful" a little.

Figure Source: Vision China

Of course, we do not really abandoned children, but children do not understand, they will take it seriously, will fear, will become insecure.

The sense of security once they are damaged, it is difficult to establish, and even affect future relationships.

Fear of being abandoned, it will continue to get along with others in: leadership is afraid of their own colleagues do not look down, afraid that they are not good enough to be a partner despise, fear of inadvertently done something to offend friends ......

Errors in the work, was fired romance broke up, parted ways with friends ...... almost everyone will experience these setbacks, would be particularly difficult for them. They will fall into abandoned shadow, self-doubt, self-denial.

And with this kind of psychological distress of children, will subconsciously take care of others emotions, always compromise and to please, very easy to form a pleasing personality.

In fact, many times adults do not want to frighten children, but a good talk is useless, the children simply ignored, can not just "an unwise move."

So, take your child out, if your child doesn't listen, Hu is unwrapped, what should I do? Source: Visual China

Appropriate rules before going out to prevent problems

Before going out, let's know where to go, what to do, and what should I pay attention to, such as can't run and noisy, can't make temper, there is something to say to my father and mother.

If you go to the mall or playground, you can only buy a toy in advance, or can you play how long you can play.

The child is relatively poor, it is likely to have forgotten the agreement with Mom and Dad, but it is better than temporary education.

Some children remind him "We are so good", he will abide by the agreement. If you still don't listen, the child will subgnoffully know that promise is "should" abide by, people are going to reason, and slowly establish rule awareness.

Have a greet in advance, to buffer the child

When the child is in the hands of the head, suddenly interrupt or forced to leave, most children are difficult to accept, and they will refer to the cry.

It is recommended to greet in advance and let the child have buffering time. For example, "Go home again for 5 minutes", after the child responded, let him continue to play, 5 minutes to leave with the child.

If you want to strengthen the effect, you can also remind twice in the middle, such as "there is still 3 minutes" "only 1 minute."

Source: Visual China

Personal experience, use digital effects better when you ask your child.

For example, I told my son. "The cake is too bad, I can't eat again." The son will be very reluctant, but if I say "I will eat the last 5", he will follow my countth, count I didn't eat it.

Understand your child's behavior, appease your child's emotions

The child is crying because the requirements are not satisfied, this is very normal. Parents must first stabilize their emotions, don't be irritated, calm and ground.

Don't rush to reprimand and accuse your child, this will only make your child's emotions worse. You can kneel down to hug your child, you can also bring him away from the public, go to people, patient comfort and persuasion.

If your child can't hear, you can't cry with him, let him vent his emotions.

In short, solve your emotions and resolve things.

Let your child distract, transfer attention

In fact, treat young children, very reasonable. A more efficient and fast response method is to quickly transfer attention with children like toys, love snacks or interested topics.

Source: Visual China

For example, the child wants to buy a toy, say "Your toys is enough" "We can't spend money", there will be no obvious effect.

But if you refer to the nearby pet store: "Yeah, there are a lot of cute dogs there, let's take a look!" The child is likely to be attracted.

In life, I found this trick. For example, with his son to the seaside, the sky is dark, and he returns him home. He is cold and cold: "I haven't played enough!" While saying the sand, I didn't lift it.

But if I say "Let's buy the cake", he will immediately put down the shovel, and then let me go.

Clearly stop, with a site

Sometimes, all methods are exhausted, the child is still not listening, crying again.

If it is in public, many parents will feel embarrassed. In order to prove that they are not "Xiong Parents", they will teach children in public.

Source: Visual China

But the child is also self-respect, and the lesson is not only to let the child realize the mistake, but also the child's inferiority and resentment.

It is better to bring your child away from the scene and go home directly. Go back home first, let the children calm, then communicate slowly.

For children crying in public situations, this is the same as other issues:

Accept your child's emotions, understand your needs, and actively respond.

Teaching education, nourishing children, teach children more difficult. For people's parents are a practice, they have to pay infinite patience.