Is the contradiction between the injection?Master 4 tricks

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Is the contradiction between the injection?Master 4 tricks

2021-11-25 00:01:48 20 ℃

Our family has a child, always "old set", but also specially pets children, hehe ...

I have to go to work, usually my grandmother is the main force of the baby, when the child is born with my grandmother, I am so lost.

Now, in most families, Dad and my mother are office workers. After the mother's maternity leave, the old man assumes the arduous task of the baby. However, due to the differences in childcare concepts, living habits, the old people will take birth to women, and some issues will always be generated.

Is it true that the contradiction is heavy? In fact, today Li Wei teaches you to tell you how to understand the problems that the individual child care may encounter.


Time advantage

The old man is very distressed, cares for his child, although the children have become a family, but they see them a daily busy, and they are still distressed. The elderly have relatively free time. They are willing to sacrifice their own casual life, come to help with their grandchildren, take care of their families to reduce the pressure of children.

Emotional advantage

As the saying goes, "separation pro, the elderly and children have natural emotional bonds, they pay tried to children, patiently with children, easy to build trust between children. Mom and Dad gave the child to the elderly, more assured, and more people love children, children can grow better.


With the baby, the old man is "coming over". The elderly have love, patient, and some child care experience worth learning. And some old people with strong learning skills will learn scientific methods to make up for the lack of education in their children and the regrets left, want to bring their grandchildren better.

Social advantage

In a small family, each person's personality is different, and there is different ways to communicate, growing in such an environment, which is beneficial to enhance the child's adaptability and social ability.

Problems with possible presence

Parenting concept

Some old people did not learn new childcare concepts, and they always brought today's children in accordance with parenting ideas decades ago.


Sometimes, the old man is not easy to adhere to the principle, will give Sun Er to the bad habits. If the child wants to eat snacks, it will meet them in principle.

The old man is not good

The old man's own mental state is not good, when the physical condition is not good, there may be no sufficient energy to take care of the baby, curious little baby.

Negative emotional impact

Individual elderly may be due to retirement, living environment changes, psychological uncomfortable, sometimes low emotional, attitude, negative impact on the elder generation.

Master 4 strokes

Clever chemical solution

The whole family discusses together, discussing in advance

According to the actual situation, the whole family discusses the decision, who will help bring your baby after maternity leave, so that your mother can continue to work peacefully, maintain their original work and income.

For details of children, such as: children's daily schedule, meal nutrition, habits, ability training, etc., family members discuss agreed, agree.

Mutual understanding and respect

The parenting concept of the elderly and young parents inevitably avoids the deviation, but everyone should clearly: we want to bring a good goal to be consistent.

Therefore, when there is a contradiction and differences, whether it is a grandparents, or a Mom and Dad should respect each other, and to communicate patiently, patiently communicate, and resolve the problem.

Let the elderly have sufficient rest time

After getting off work every day, when the holiday is rest, Mom and Dad have to bring more children, and one will make the old man to rest and adjust, and the two can better accompany the child.

Give your old man enough care

The old man is relatively hard, Mom and Dad can give the old people's economic compensation on the month, in the season or on the year, can also buy some nutritious foods, and the items they need in the season, to express their children's filial piety for the elderly. Love.