"2021 latest children's height development control table": Did you see your child?

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"2021 latest children's height development control table": Did you see your child?

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Author | Small sweetness

Some time ago, there was a girl in the hospital clinic, 9 years old and ten months, and the height is currently 1 meter 44.

Parents are not satisfied with their daughters, come to the hospital to check, all screenings have been done, parents ask: Can children grow to 1 meter 6?

Doctor asked: Is it going to a holiday?

Parents are confused: Come! Half a year.

The doctor said: Now we are worried about height, it is a bit late.

Because the girls come to the holiday, they can basically have about 5-7 cm.

1 meter 44 long 7 cm, only 1 meter 51 high adults!

The doctor said, "Sexual premature is coming so early, once the girl comes to menstruation early, the bones are closed, premature development leads to the shorteness of the long cycle, and they are unable to return to the sky."

Many parents will be confused: Why is the generous child?

This is because, if a child is full of childhood, it will develop in advance.

However, bone growth requires calcium, and the premature child is not enough, and it is not much. In the real adolescent, the calcium storage is enough, but the bone bone line is closed in advance, and it is not long.

After the early matters of children, it is generally less than 5 to 10 cm than normal.

The general girl's adolescence is 8-13 years old.

The boy is late, 9-14.5 years old.

Source: CCTV Science and Education Channel "Don't take the child"

Therefore, if there is a phenomenon below, parents should pay attention to it, it is likely to be nature:

The girl has breast development before the age of 8, and there is a menstrual tide before the age of 10;

The boy has a testicular development in the age of 9, and there is a significant change in throat and beard.

Does your child have high weight? Is there a premature premature phenomenon? You can take a look at this form.

These four foods are easy to be early, don't eat it again!

How to overcome the first level that affects the child's growing, the sexual morning maturity?

Before, online madness, some soy milk, anti-season fruits and vegetables, children can't eat more, easy to initiate premature.

But in fact, this statement is inaccurate, and the child eats some bean products, fruits, and vegetables are beneficial to health.

Instead, the following foods are eaten again! Bamboo

1. Fried chicken, fries, cake

Previously, a boy in Jiangxi was only 4 years old. The waist circumference reached 95 cm, and the body's quality index exceeded 35, which belong to severe obesity.

High energy, high oil, high sugar food, such as fried chicken, fries, desserts, biscuits, puffed foods, drinks, etc., easy to make people feel fat.

Many studies have shown that the current children are easy to be early, obesity is one of the culprits, especially a girl.

So, try to keep your child away from such high oil, high sugar, high-calorie food.

2. Crab yellow, fish seeds

Autumn and winter, the time to eat hairy crabs is more time.

Some time ago, I got a colleague, saying that the last 2-year-old daughter fell in a crab, and she couldn't catch the speed of the child, and they can eat 2,3 crab yellow and flesh.

I listened, I was shocked, and she quickly made her less to eat.

Because crab yellow and fish seeds are eggs, these things themselves are hormone content, which is easy to accelerate the development speed of children, so don't give your children more.

3. Chicken wings, duck neck

A case was reported on the previous TV.

When a mother gave a 6-year-old daughter, I found that this should be flat chest and actually raised a small piece.

At first, my mother thought that the daughter gathened, but the child didn't hurt the chest. I went to the hospital to find that the original child's chest has been developed.

She is only 6 years old, it is already the degree of sexual morning to 12 years old!

I know that they like to eat halo duck necks, chicken neck, almost every day ...


There is a 3-year girl, parents are busy, she eats fried chicken wings every day, the chicken legs solves the rice, and the result is coming in advance.

This is the impact of "lyophil".

Many chicken duck fish shrimps in the current market are subjected to "promoter" and "prostatic agent". In order to meet the market supply, quickly out, not only in the feed contains hormones, and even more drugs directly inject hormones.

CCTV has exposed: eat duck neck equal to eating bacteria.

And we usually have no distinguishing ability, once the child eats this food every day, it is difficult to cause early matrix.

According to clinical data, the childhood of sexual early child is basically a child who loves meat.

4. Ginseng, royal jelly, pollen preparation

Many parents think that the child is not high, it is necessary to give children to the child, supplement nutrition.

What sea cucumber, ginseng, a brain feeds to the child. As everyone knows, the child eats these big food, and there is no one.

Neighbors like soup, saying that children have worked hard, drink soup to make up. In particular, what kind of party ginseng, 枸杞, etc., and often stewed with the internal dirty animals.

These things will be on the long-term drinking of adults, let alone children, this leads to supplementing.

Her son is only 10 years old, and the voice has become thick, the throat is large, and the lips have a "small beard".

Because these can result in increased fat intake, obesity and blood lipids may result in advance in advance.

There are also parents like to give children honey water, especially the royal jelly, the royal jelly contains a lot of hormones, which is recognized that can not let the child eat more food.

In addition, the following foods are not recommended to eat for children: functional drinks, adolescent oral fluids in various banners;

Floral preparation, chicken embryo, snow 蛤, Cordyceps sinensis, health products;

Bird's nest, bovine colostrum, sheep colonies, etc.

About the child's taller taller!

In addition to preventive premature, what can we help children grow taller?

As long as the open mode is correct, height is 6-10cm, it is not a problem!

1. Keep sufficient sleep to promote growth hormone secretion.

As the saying goes, the best doctor is sleep.

Nothing is more important than a good sleep, especially for growth.

Here, you have to mention the high secret magic treasure "growth hormone"!

The growth hormone is the peptide hormone secreted by the gland, which is mainly to promote the synthesis of protein, osteoarthine cartilage and bone cartilage.

If the hormone secretion is too secreted, it will lead to a giant disease.

If secreted too little, it is easy to grow.

When the famous star Messi was 11 years old, it was found to have "growth hormone lack of symptoms", and the doctor once asserted that his adulthood would not exceed 150cm.

Later, he injected growing hormone, he was 20cm, and he became one of the world's great football stars.

It is certain here to ask: Is ordinary children need to inject growth hormone?

In fact, the safety of growth hormones is still controversial now.

And the doctor said that the normal child will ensure that the secretion of growth hormone is generally no problem with sufficient sleep.

Growth hormones have two key time periods of secretion:

A peak will reach the peak at 10 o'clock in the night.

Another secretion is 5-7 in the morning.

So, in these two time periods, try to ensure sufficient sleep.

As long as you sleep well, growing hormones can't run!

2. Persist 20 minutes a day

Studies show that the growth hormone secretion of the human body after exercise will increase significantly, and children who often participate in sports are about 4 cm higher than those who do not participate in sports.

Recommend to you to exercise for the child's growing:

Jumping sport: skipping, basketball, badminton, high jump, swimming, aerobics, dance, skiing ...

Stretching: Underressing Leg, Before Flexing, Horizontal Fork ...

Core power practice: Brazer, push-up, sit-up ...

After selecting the motion type, you need to guarantee a certain amount of exercise and exercise strength.

There should be at least 20 to 40 minutes of medium intensity or more.

The World Health Organization is also recommended:

5 ~ 17-year-old children's youth must have a high-intensity physical activity every day, at least 3 times a week ...

3. Reasonable meal

Mothers should pay attention to the balance of nutrition ratio while paying attention to the child's three meals.

To do the thickness, the vegetarian, let the children eat desserts, drinks, snacks, junk foods.

In particular, excessive dessert intake will lead to child early development, and the bone line is closed in advance.

Early studies have proven: "A primary school student with a weight of 20 kilograms. For 35 grams of sugar, the growth hormone in the body will stop secretion for two hours."

Parents can give their children to eat some fresh fats such as seafood, fish, and foods with high protein content.

In particular, you can take more vitaminous artemisia, camphor, broccoli, mushroom; β-carotene, such as spinach, carrot, tomato, mango, etc. is also a good choice.

4. In addition, children over 6 years old are best examined every year, the most important thing is bone age testing.

If you find that your child has a second traot,

You can go to the hospital for testing as soon as possible, the clinic registration chooses children's health care department or growth and development, and it is timely intervention.

Finally, I wish every child can grow into my own ideals.


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