Fetal abortion during pregnancy, three "accidental" pots, pregnant moms don't back

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Fetal abortion during pregnancy, three "accidental" pots, pregnant moms don't back

2021-11-24 23:58:32 14 ℃

Some pregnant moms are pregnant, unfortunately fetuses halfway, the people around you began to find out all reasons, to prove, is the accident of pregnant women, leading to abortion. Pregnant mother, with a huge pressure.

In fact, it is unfair to hire the improper behavior of fetal abortion to pregnant mother, and it is not scientifically recognized.

Pregnant women Xiaofang, pregnant for more than 4 months, this day of production inspection, check that he is inexplicably abortion. Going home, Xiaofang's husband began to find the reason, he asked Xiao Fang: "Is it because we got it last week?"

Xiao Fang Q: "Is it because this?"

It must be, Xiaofang's husband said, he is too unhappy, the same room in pregnancy, the child "is" not. " Said that Xiao Fang was low.

In fact, pregnant women do not affect the development of fetus, and there is no study suggest that the relationship between abortion and husband and wife in pregnancy.

The uterus has a thick layer of uterine mucus, and the fetus inside the uterus is not affected by any substance.

Of course, in the third trimester, because the couple will induce the contraction, there is a risk of fetal premature birth, or pay attention to.

The second "accidentally", accidentally eat food that should not eat.

Xiao Tang is unfortunately abortion in the early pregnancy, and her mother-in-law is guilty.

Listening to my mother-in-law said that Xiao Tang can only say to the delicious spicy food.

I have a taboo during pregnancy, and the pregnant woman can't get around. It seems that women have become national treasures during pregnancy, and they need special protection. This can't be eaten, that can not drink.

In the mid clinic, I have encountered a pregnant woman, holding a long food tabogency, can not eat, mango can't eat, pepper can't eat, persimmons can't eat, mypacu can not eat.

I am afraid that I am not careful, I have a food that should not eat, causing the fetus to keep up.

If this is, the pregnant woman can eat, probably only cabbage tofu.

In fact, as long as it is a food that ordinary people can eat, pregnant women can eat.

As for the older generation, what kind of cold food, hair, will lead to abortion, tendon, is all nonsense.

Nothing is because it is caused by food.

Of course, there are two premise this: one is a healthy food that pregnant women eat. If you eat thick food every day, such as poisonous snakes, 蚓, grasshoppers, no one can guarantee that you are not sick.

The second premise is that even if you eat a healthy food, don't excess. For an inappropriate example, a day, three meal, a spicy crayfish, I have been eating for three months, and finally, pregnant women aborted, and concluded that pregnant women can't eat spicy crayfish, otherwise it is easy to abort. This pot, crayfish can not be back. Good things eat more, people's stomach can't stand it.

Summarize, or that sentence, there is no taboo for pregnant women, as long as you eat healthy food, balance the diet, there is nothing.

The third is not careful, it is pregnant activity.

Xiao Wang is a physical education teacher, usually loves sports, in the early pregnancy, the lower body is bleeding, and the fetus is abortion. In the hospital, Xiao Wang's husband said: "I see, it is definitely you accidentally, the exercise is too fierce, run jumping, the fetus is only flowing."

The third mouth "accidentally" cooker, guilty to the exercise of pregnant mother, said that the exercise of pregnant mother, all obstetric experts encourage pregnant activities, appropriate exercise to the body's body development, pregnant women's pregnancy It is a great advantage.

Of course, the movement here is not to let the pregnant women run the marathon, and swim from the long distance, follow Su Bing to run.

Because, a pregnant woman loves sports, she is aborted, and it is necessary to attack the causes of abortion until the logic, is also unfair.