It is better to prepare these things, the better the fetus.

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It is better to prepare these things, the better the fetus.

2021-11-25 00:02:02 18 ℃

Parenting is a major project. Many parents feel that it is necessary to start from pregnancy, in fact, scientific parenting should begin with the pregnancy period.

Scientific pregnancy is the foundation of healthy babies.

However, pregnancy is far from we think that it is only supplemented with folic acid and vitamins. The expectant mother should adjust his body in advance to avoid anxiety in unhealthy states.


Pregnancy check before pregnancy

To be scientific and effective, you need a comprehensive examination to understand your body, and then you can make effective pregnancy measures.


Adjust diet

The scientific nutrition is a healthy foundation, especially the expectant mother, should quit smoking in the pregnancy, to ensure the law of the diet, and nutritional intake should be a comprehensive balance. Eat less salt, high sugar, and high fat food.


Adjust the job

Obviously, although the pregnancy is basically a mother a person, it is the beginning of a healthy sperm and egg.

So the prospective mother, the mother, should develop good work habits. Because the rest is good, the body can fix it, restore to the best state.

Especially mom, avoid staying up late during pregnancy, because excessive fatigue will make body immunity, while will also affect the quality of egg and sperm.


Exercise properly

In addition, the right amount of movement is also important. Exercise can enhance mother's immunity, whether in pregnancy or during pregnancy, you can make yourself to resist the infection of viruses and avoid some diseases.


Calculate ovulation period

When we adjust your body, when you prepare for pregnancy, find your own ovulation period is the skill of your mother needs to be mastered. Everyone can use ovulation test paper, measurement temperature, and the hospital to do B-ultrasound to monitor ovulation, you can let everyone find ovulation period.

I understand the truth, but every mother is independent individual, there are various problems.

I have abortion or ectopic pregnancy experience, will I have an impact on me now?

I have a problem because of the difficulty of being pregnant with polycystic ovary syndrome?

I am already a pregnant woman, is there anything to pay attention to?

So many problems, it is better to come to the live broadcast, allowing professional doctors to provide you with professional solutions.

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Dr. Yu Zhengzheng, deputy director of Tongren Hospital, Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University, 2021, Shanghai Jiaotong University, broughtted live lessons to all mothers, "pregnancy", pregnant, healthy baby first step. "

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