The child is the past "冤家", is he coming to pay debt or comment?See which type of your baby belongs to

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The child is the past "冤家", is he coming to pay debt or comment?See which type of your baby belongs to

2021-11-25 00:00:11 52 ℃

The child is a future hope for each family, and is the crystallization of love. Of course, he will make Bao Dafu mother pay all their energy and time. After having a baby, the entire family seems to have changed, and the young couple can no longer come and play freely, all their time and topics are around the baby.

In the process of raising your baby, some treasures always complain that this child is the creditor of our last life, and this life is to debut. I went to sleep during the day, I went to the spirit in the evening, and someone had to play with him, otherwise it was crying.

Bao Ma took a child to do housework, tired for a day, I didn't sleep at night, which not only made her very upset. But some of them are very gratifying, because the child is born to be obedient, sleep, sleep, you will play.

Two kinds of babies look like, not to report, is to pay debt, from here to see the general.

Therefore, there are many superstitions in the folks. People have a reincarnation, and the relationship between you and the baby is actually determined in the past, listening to these, everyone smiles, the baby is going to be debated or reported. Interpretation is not superstitious, but there is a scientific basis.

Two types, in fact, it is a difficult problem in raising your baby's process.

Psychologists have found that the baby is born, in fact, he has his own small temper, and there is a considerable difference in temperament. This difference is determined by the gene. It also directly leads to your baby whether it is a debt or reportable. In fact, it is also difficult to raise it in the process of raising your baby.

1. It is a bit hard when the parents who are famous, they are very crying, and they can't cry, and even crying. There is no way to Bao Da Bao Ma, two people are anxious to turn at home, such a baby makes parents a very headache.

2, easy-to-have baby, relatively good, they can quickly adapt to this new environment, and under the raising of parents, the schedule is also very regular. The temper is not very big, and the emotional fluctuations are also very stable. Of course, I will cry, but I'm crying very well.

In daily life, the parent is long after the child has a long contact time, know which type of your baby belongs to the end. I know that the baby is easy to support, but it is actually a lot of benefits. Is the baby is hard to raise? It is naturally destined, for different types, parents can treat them in different ways.

1, difficult baby

Parents may pay more in the process of accompanying them, and they will have a healthy growth of the baby. But the reason why it is difficult to maintain, because they are stronger, and there is also a strong head that does not give up.

When they have a wish, the parents are not satisfied, they will always stick to it, although they make their parents very tired when they are small, but this type of baby has a distinct personality. And what is going to do in the future, the purpose is very strong.

Therefore, the baby in the family is very difficult, and parents don't worry too much. Don't blindly suppress, and adapt to children's character development is the most appropriate.

2, easy-to-numerical children

In order to take care of your parents, they are very worried, they are quiet, and they don't like to fight, but such children are also easy to be wronged, so when the child is small, the parents must be more Pay attention to the needs of your child, and often encourage them to say what you want in your heart, and give it as much as possible to enhance your child's self-confidence.

The child is an angel that God is sent, whether they are obedient, whether it is good, but for Mom and Dad, raising children is their duty. Treat your child in life to be good at discovering their strengths, discover their strengths, so that you will not feel troubles with the child's taste, the child's goodness.