Why do you like the parents who tell the truth, the more you often read it?

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Why do you like the parents who tell the truth, the more you often read it?

2021-11-24 23:59:02 26 ℃

The more you like the reason, the child is often, the more you often listen.

"Leading" is a very kind of education that many parents like, but people tend to find out how to make a lot of children, the more you like the parents, and his children often don't listen.

A parent said that her 7-year-old daughter is particularly reversed, and she is not going to do it. She often makes the child to tell the child, but the child does not listen, and the parents are often tempered. She knows that she is not right, but I don't know what to do.

Let her give a child how to obey the example, she talked like this:

She lives in the 5th floor of the apartment building, there is no elevator, take the stairs up and down. Recent daughters especially like this to go downstairs: an arm is getting up to the stair handrail, and the arm is slippery down. Mom does not allow the child to do this, saying that the stair handrail usually wipes, so it will blur the clothes.

But when you go downstairs, the child is then repeated, and the parents finally lost their patience and their temper. The child did not dare to do it in the face of parents, but find a variety of opportunities to secretly downstairs, and the clothes sleeves are often dirty.

After the statement, the parents used the disappointment of the disappointment: "My child, I am not as good as other children. I actually respect her. I don't know how much it has been told her, but she seems to be not listened."

I said to the parents: "Since you have found that it is useful, then at least in this matter, the reason is wrong, I find that it is not right, it should stop immediately." Parents confused, emotionally contrary Ask me: "Don't reason? What should I educate her?"

I said: "It is very simple, go home to find two rags, you and the child one person, wipe the stairs to clean the stairs, doing public welfare, and satisfy the child's hands and feet and use the fun of the child, try, see How is the effect. "Parents listened, suddenly realized! How do I think about it?

The parents did not expect that she should only pay attention to how they have been "reasonable", and they have not reasonable you do.

People's preferences for "reasoning" often stem from thinking inertia

From small in the family, the school accepts too many "big truth" education, it will often become a truth.

A parent said that when he didn't have a child, he couldn't see those who played a child. I feel that the adult relies on the child to conquer the child. It is really incompetent. After he has his own son, he encountered a problem, always patience with his children.

However, as the child slowly grew up, he found that "taking the people", "taking the people", increasingly doing. Some people around us from time to time, educating boys should be rough, as long as they tell him what is wrong, it must be obedient, do not use force.

Therefore, two times he had conflicts with the child, really failed to control, and moved to the child. At this time, he found that he was poor, and he fell to the kind of parents who had never teeth.

Thinker Roussea said: Three kinds of educational methods for children not only do not have to be unwilling, not only reasoning, temper, deliberately moved. This important reminder has been held for a hundred years, and these three ways are the most habit of many parents and use the most skilled models.

There is also a parent, saying that his 4-year-old child has two problems, one is not listening, one is love crying. Ask me what to do. I let him give a recent unused example.

He said that the child always plays in the evening, no matter how the parents give him the sky, the children go home, if they play again, the children are not listening, they are crying. To go downstairs.

I said, what you said is actually one, you can solve it together.

From today, everything is trying to listen to children. If he wants to go downstairs before going to bed, you have worked hard, hold him downstairs, he wants how long you want to stay downstairs, just do a similar approach to other things.

The parents are somewhat surprised, very concerned, but go back or prescribe I said, and the result is unexpected.

He later told me that the child went downstairs before going to sleep, the parents did not say anything, happily gave him a dress and took him. The outside is very dark, the cold wind is, no one is empty, he just put the child on the ground, the child want him to hug home.

Parents deliberately say that since it is down, wait for a while. The child says nothing to do, saying that I want to go home to sleep.

In other small things, parents also have fewer doing more, listen to the children's opinions as much as possible, and the child is crying bigger.


The dogma is not important, "teaching" is important

Parents who do "do not tell" do not completely negate the necessity of speech, but emphasize the moderateness of oral education and the importance of behavioral education.

● "Leading" must not have the mouth is not

I want to give my child something to talk about, I must first confirm this "truth" you also believe it.

Frequent parents, such as some parents clearly have a parent of the child's exam, and ask me to ask me is: When the children's test score is not good, how to give your child thinking, let him not care?

● Avoid instilling vulgar values ​​to children

In life, you can often see this situation. Some parents are not high, but they are passionate to communicate some insights to children, and even some vulgar life experience. For example, some parents suggest that children don't have to help other students in learning, they are wasting time, and it is easy by others. The real preparation of education is to improve himself. If you want to give your child a truth that you can fly, your parents should have the mind and height of the blue sky. If you feel that your height is not enough, I don't know how to say it, and I don't say that I have much better than not.

● Do not make "unreasonable" to "unreasonable"

Some parents have little parents to tell the children. They are very straightforward, and the three sentences are not pair, and this is not what we say "does not speak", but not explained.

More parents, simple and rude to children, but beautify their behavior afterwards. Sprinkle to your behavior through lyrics. This is simply robber logic, and it is very good, it is a deeper unreasonable.

"Speaking of the truth" is the following policy, and the temper is the lower policy, and the temper is added to the lower policy.

In short, the dogma is not important, and the education is only important. Rousseau said: Everything is a good thing to speak, a good kind of human striker. There is another language, and he can convince people's hearts through this language.

If you want your child to understand, your parents should tell the truthfully, and the behavior is in mind, so your child can understand. This is the truth of education!