Breastfeeding, or milk powder feeding?This problem should not be controversial

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Breastfeeding, or milk powder feeding?This problem should not be controversial

2021-11-25 00:03:54 19 ℃

WeChat received a speech from a expectant mother: "The expected date of birth is coming, I want to take breastfeeding, call my mother-in-law to see the child; but my mother-in-law said that she came to the city, I would like to wait until I have been born. My mother-in-law also said that feeding powder is good than the mother and breasts, her neighbors are doing this, and the child is fed very well. I want to know, the child is good, or the milk powder is good? "

Just after reading the news, I didn't hesitate to reply her: "The baby is of course a mother and breast!" Maybe someone will take the example of the side to refute, my relatives of my relatives have not eaten from the little breast milk, not growing Very good, even people will think that the various nutrients in the milk powder are more reasonable, and the child will have better development. In fact, this understanding is wrong.

With the gradual improvement of living, some young mothers prefer to pay for them to buy milk powder in order to maintain their own body, they are not willing to feed their children. In particular, children who have seen milk powder are growing faster than breastfeeding children. Many parents have produced a misunderstanding, thinking that child formula is full of nutrition, feeding powder than breastfeeding. From many ways to find out that children who eat breast milk are healthier. Is it good for children to eat breast milk? This problem shouldn't be controversial.

It is necessary to know that breast milk is the most sweet and nutritious food of the baby, and the breast milk is also the most intimate connection between the baby and mother feelings. Scientific research has proved that breast milk contains more than 2,000 elements, which is not possible to match any formula. In addition to nutrients, breast milk also contains rich active immunization factors, thereby providing a full antibody to the baby, so breastfeeding children are strong, and less sick is sick than children feeding with formula.

A large number of facts in real life prove that breastfeeding benefits, not only for children, but also promotes the rehabilitation of physical and estimated body. details as follows:

Breastfeeding parent-child relationship is more intimate

I have a colleague. When I gave birth to my daughter, I was born in a private clinic when I was born. When I was born in a private clinic, I was born by the big augler who was in the country. Although she also sneaked the child in three different five, often to buy some of the fun of the child to eat, but every time they appeared in front of the child. Later, when the child was in secondary school, the family planned and relaxed. Colleagues paid a fine to pick up the child back to themselves, but both husband and wife were so good, the child always appeared very alienated with their parents.

People often say: "Mother and Son,", in fact, this link between the mother and the child is breast milk. When the mother is fed by breastfeeding, the baby can not only really cut the body's love; at the same time, the baby can enjoy the most sweet food from the world's unique world. In the process of breastfeeding, the mother and child have also reached the blood in the blood, so the mother and child feel more deep. To this end, some people say that the mother does not feed their breast milk, it is equal to the "mother and child connection", it seems that this is not reasonable.

The advantages of breastfeeding "three provinces" are obvious

Parents who have brought their children know that milk powder is very troublesome, especially in winter, the least gave birth to the child, and the taste is really unforgettable. In contrast, breastfeeding presents the advantages of "three provinces". "Three provinces" here: The specific is worry, save time, save money.

Because breast milk is a constant temperature, no matter spring, summer, autumn and winter, during the day, the night baby can eat at any time, breast milk can guarantee the baby 100% enjoy 37 love. No matter where the baby is going to follow, you can enjoy a wealth of food, the economy, anything, no business, and the baby can enjoy a rich food, economical.

Everyone knows that the price of milk powder is very expensive, if you choose a big milk powder, you need a small expenditure. It can be seen that breastfeeding not only mothers can save time, and they also have a big expenditure for the family.

Establishment of children's safety in breast milk

Studies have shown that 0 to 3 years old is a critical period of child safety establishment, and breastfeeding can make the child's sense of security. Because during the growth of the baby, the mother's love is irreplaceable. Before 3 years old, let the children feel a lot of love, the child will get a sense of security, and the child will grow healthily and happily.

Breastfeeding is beneficial to mother postpartum rehabilitation

Through a large number of case studies, breastfeeding is not only good for children, but also promotes the recovery process of mother's physical body, so that the mother who takes breastfeeding is not only recovered more than the mother who did not make breastfeeding. Faster, it is more beneficial to my mother's health.

A new study in the United States shows that breastfeeding is related to patient prognosis and survival in some tumor sub-ferrous patients. Breastfeeding can prevent the most common hereditary breast cancer - lumen Type A type breast cancer, but does not work for rare types of breast cancer.

A study completed by the Ontario Institute of Ontario, Canada found that breastfeeding is one of several natural methods that reduce breast cancer. Breastfeeding is at least 1 year, which can reduce the risk of women with breast cancer family history.

In summary, it is not difficult to see that breastfeeding is not only a lot of benefits to the child, but also the mother's health.On the one hand, you can reduce the chance of breast cancer and other aspects can also balance blood pressure, reduce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.In addition, breastfeeding can really make my mother have a sense of happiness, while reducing the incidence of postpartum depression.Why is such a good thing? Of course, the words come back, although the breastfeeding benefits, but every mother can feed breastfeeding, if the mother is physically healthy, do not forceBreastfeeding.

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