If your child has these nine situations in the summer vacation, you can try

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If your child has these nine situations in the summer vacation, you can try

2021-11-25 00:02:26 18 ℃

In the process of summer vacation, when you look at your baby at night, like night owners, lazy in the morning, they are addicted to mobile phones and computer games every day. Lazy life without a plan. Many parents have a headache, don't choose. In today's article, I suggested that the teacher turned it to the parents. If your child has the following nine situations in the summer vacation, there are some suggestions you can try.

First, the child does not sleep at night, can't get up in the morning.

When the summer vacation arrives, many children's schedules are chaotic. Not a big problem staying up late. If you always sleep in the morning, get up at noon, this is a problem. The whole holiday, the children held such a mentality and indulge in the venting relaxation. This requires you to arrange your study and your family life in advance.

Important is after school, your child is hard to adapt to the school's timetable. If you adjust the biological clock for him, take a while, this will affect the child's learning efficiency.


01 Follow the "Regulations for Holidays"

During your summer vacation, you make your child do what they don't want to do. Let your child relax. It doesn't matter. This does not mean that holidays are not managed.

02 obsessed mobile phones, computers and online games

During the summer vacation, some parents have to give their children a few temper a day. why?

Because the children are not playing games at home, watching TV. Turn off the computer, turn on TV, press TV, raise a tablet, mobile phone. Electronic products are full of children's lives.

In fact, spending a lot of time a lot of time in electronics is more harmful to adults and children. For children, some children are reluctant to communicate with the outside world because of the relationship between the network.

Suggestion: Develop rules with your child, choose mobile supplies

In order to let children stay away from mobile phones, parents should learn to set rules for their children to help them find something more interesting than mobile phones.

First, we need to set up rules with children, using a tablet and smartphone and other electronic products. Parents must resolutely perform regulations, they will never shake, do not compromise. At the same time, our parents should use the electronic products and equipment correctly. If your child is working hard, my parents secretly play mobile phones, how can you persuade you?

A effective way is to choose a mobile phone substitute, such as playing games with the children, reading interesting picture books.

03 is often late

The child woke up at noon, starting from the bed, go out to find a companion, don't see it later. The parents called once again, and the other end of the phone is coming: "Downstairs! Downstairs". As a result, a family war broke out in the middle of the night.

Suggestion: It is very important to return later in the summer vacation.

The time for the child's late return must be set, it is fully implemented.

During the summer vacation, the busy parents can give their children free space, flexibly master the child's every move, understand their travel traces. Parents can tell the children that the purpose of knowing where the go is not to monitor the child's one fell to ensure that parents can provide help and protect their children.

04 only take care of it, forget planning learning

The school will arrange a certain amount of summer work for the children in the holiday. There are always many children like to put the homework behind. I will rush to do homework before starting school, and go all over the morning. Children must formulate a reasonable study plan. It should be noted that the learning program cannot arrange a transition, and we must fully consider the child's ideological concept and acceptance.

Suggestion: "Tomato Bell Work Management" method for treatment of drag

The method of "tomato" is to divide the work into 15 minutes (primary school students) and 30 minutes (middle school students). When a child focuses on homework for 15 to 30 minutes, he can rest 5 minutes, which is considered a "tomato". The homework is not finished, to rest regularly, then continue the next tomato time. After you have harvested four big tomatoes, they can rest 15 to 30 minutes.

Children's fear and contravement of a large number of homework are the main causes of delay operations. The setting of "tomato clock" is a small incentive to help children pay attention to "present" and rest arrangements, making the next "tomato clock" time more lively.

05 almost never read books

Every time I go home, the child's confidence is to bring a book home and think that I will study hard. How many people have read it carefully?

As we all know, a lot of reading can exercise the age of childhood, because during the reading process, the child's brain is in an active state of repeated thinking, and brain cells are active.

The child does not love reading for a long time, don't love reading, the child will become slow.

Recommendation: Demonstration Effect + Reward System.

First of all, parents should establish a role model for their children. When the child's face reading newspaper, the child will fall in love with reading; the child may not like reading if the parents don't like reading.

Second, let the children carefully write the plan of the room on the A4 of the room. Please "√" every book after reading it.

Children are not easy to insist on reading. Sometimes you need to take out a physical to motivate your own children. You can set the time to read, to properly reward them a delicious dinner, a toy or interesting travel, etc.

06 eats uneven, eat snacks crazy

Many children staying up late do not have breakfast next day. Delicious breakfast is one of the energy sources of the brain. If your child is not eaten by breakfast, it is possible that the body can't provide enough blood sugar and energy, and the child will feel tired and distracted. Some parents have died in their children after their children have dinner. Long-term eating will lead to slow in the brain, premature failure and intelligence damage.

In addition to the irregular diet, some children are also crazy to eat snacks, overeating, eat too much greasy cold food.

Suggestion: Pay attention to children's health holiday

Parents should guide their children to have breakfast on time every day and keep the normal body rhythm. At the same time, you must give your child reasonable diet, focus on light, with vegetables and fruits, and balanced nutrition. Most importantly, whether you are going out to play at home, don't let your child eat too much because of delicious food or special snacks!

As for snacks, let the children eat, don't eat too much, to tell him seriously. Moderate is a necessary condition for a good thing. The greed on the mouth is not good.

07 Total "Home", nothing

I believe that many parents have such experiences. When we were young, our parents always said: "This child, the day is in the outside, don't go home!".

Nowadays, parents want to bring their children to play, it seems to be punished. Many children stay at home, internet, watch TV, play mobile phones, or nothing.

They are not interested in anything. They say people who can encounter their visitors, they want to go, learn what they want to learn. Finally, who they can't hold.

In this way, the child not only lacks physical exercise, it is easy to internal, fear of living, do not know how to communicate and communicate with people.

Suggestion: Summer vacation is a good time for parents and children

When we have time, parents can take their children to the park or arrange some physical exercise. Shopping is also a "sports". When parents want to work, they should ask for careers to take their children to play. Children can be encouraged to play with the peers in the community. There is his own fun in the middle chasing and playing in the middle of the children. It is mainly to achieve the purpose of physical exercise.

The child's eyes are more, the ear is listening, not only the horizon, but the mentality will get better and better.

08 eat drinking worry

Some parents believe that their children should relax after studying a semester. So to indulge their children, do everything for them. Parents don't want their children to be bitter. As a result, the children became princess and emperor at home.

Some parents allow children to eat irregularly, free to play.

Parents, in a short period of time, love children may also have some small impact. However, this kind of meticulous care and understanding may be a particularly huge "injury". Because parents may deprive children's practice "self-care ability".

Suggestion: Let the children do what they can do.

For your child, I will give him directly, not only make the child's life ability, will also lack certain sense of responsibility.

Although in the eyes of parents, the child is always a child, but the purpose of raising the child is to grow up to adults, rather than letting them enjoy success in their parents' wings.

Parents should be worried, don't override your child. Some things are what children can do, they should do it yourself. You will be able to find that children will become stronger and stronger for children.

09 Do not listen to the parents sing the opposition

Some children usually live in the school dormitory and rarely see their parents. Parents want to use this holiday to give their children to make classes, but children don't want to make up the class, and they have never argued.

Looking at the children playing mobile phone, if you say a few words, your child will blame you not to trust you. When commenting the "too ugly" clothes bought by the child, the result was said that he was too strong, seeing nothing ...

After that, the parents were not happy, and the child was wronged. Children feel that parents' rules and regulations are too much, too; parents believe that children do not understand, do not understand their hard work.

Suggest: Try to be gentle, don't

During the festival, parents and children have the opportunity to "deep contact". During this "deep contact" period, the family faces many problems. The holiday is a high incidence of parent-child conflicts.

When parents and children don't have opinions, parents don't have to be too strong. Pay more attention to your child's opinions and needs, fully respect their will.

Parents can learn to express their attitudes through "I think" and "maybe". When you become gentle, use different ways to communicate with your child, you will get different results!

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