Take care of your child in winter, do this, let the children are sick, parents don't make a mistake.

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Take care of your child in winter, do this, let the children are sick, parents don't make a mistake.

2021-11-25 00:01:22 21 ℃

Lead: Take care of children in winter, do this, children are sick, parents don't make a mistake

When the winter arrives, the parents become more worried, because the winter weather is low, it is very easy to get sick, and the child is sick, but the parents are not guilty, the money is small, the key to take medicine is not good. Look at the child, don't stop the cough, very distressed, tolerate psychological stress, suffering from the suffering, this feeling I have personal experience, so I will also be like the parents, especially, I am afraid in winter to take care of children, need more care.

I took care of the child before, I only learned how to wear a little care for the child every year. I didn't get sick. As a result, it was still sick. Later, I observed the children who were not sick. In fact, they went to winter. There are not many, but more healthy, I can't help me.

Later, I realized that I took care of my children in winter, I have to do this, my child is so sick, my parents don't make a mistake!

This point means not to let your child sweat well. Because when the child sweats, plus the weather is very cold, the sweat will not be dried quickly. At this time, it will catch a cold, so there will be a cold in winter, so you can think about it. Many times the child is sick, most It is caused by this reason.

It is also a mistake of parents. Either wear too much to give your child, or there is too much to give your child, or if you don't help your child will wipe it off, resulting in cooling.

So, if you want to do this, parents need to pay more attention to these aspects, come and see.

First, don't wear too much to give your child, as long as it is suitable

Winter is really cold, it is very normal, but the age of children likes to run around, or jumps up, if you do this, the child is easy to sweat, then a sweating is blown by the cold wind of winter. NS.

Especially at the outside, it is necessary to pay special attention. There is no wall to cover the cold wind around. If you avoid sweating, let your child are not moving, you can wear a thickness when you go out, wait for a play to adapt, then choose In exchange for a slightly thin point, if you are troubles, you have to bring more sweat towels, and you will be replaced by your child.

When your child is sweating, don't give your child off clothes, don't give your child a cool water, otherwise it is easy to get sick.

Second, don't give your child too much or too thick, as long as warm and good

Winter sleeps need to cover a slightly thick quilt, so sleeping is comfortable, but you should pay attention to it. Don't give your child too much, a layer of stack or directly cover a particularly thick quilt is not good, it is too heavy for children. After falling asleep, it is not flexible. It will make the child is very easy to get the quilt, and it is too warm and easy to take the child.

When sleeping, the light and legs are outside, it is easy to cool, it is necessary to know too much or too thick, the temperature in the quilt will be high, and the temperature in the indoor temperature is low, which has a large temperature difference, at this time Sick sweating is not sick. So give your child a quilt to reasonably, or use a thickness of sleeping bag directly, so you can avoid the child's quilt.

Third, when walking from the hot environment, pay attention to protection

Winter will wear, and some shopping malls, supermarkets, indoor playgrounds have already opened air conditioning. They will sweat with thick clothes and take it. Parents must remember the first protection and bring their children to the outdoor, otherwise it will have a cool life.

First use a towel to put the child forehead, the sweat on the back is wiped, and when you rub the sweat, the pad is sweat. If you are particularly cold, you have to wear a hat, wear a scarf, protect your neck. Avoid the cool breeze from the neck.

Fourth, don't give your child electric hot blanket

In winter, I need a courage. Some parents like to use electric blankets. Sometimes they have been driving for a long time, until the child has turned warm, this is very bad, do not say safety issues, if you use electric blankets long, you will get your child on fire, It is also a manifestation of sick, and the fire is too uncomfortable in winter.

In fact, I am afraid that the child is cold, you can wash your child before going to bed, warm the hot water bag warmly, wait for the child to sleep in, then pull the warm water bag, avoid cooling, cooling the child.

Do you have a good day, you can avoid the child with sweating, do you do it?