Cultivate your son into the Prime Minister of the British, and the people of the US princes are too wild.

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Cultivate your son into the Prime Minister of the British, and the people of the US princes are too wild.

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Wen | rice mother

Look at "Downton Manor", I feel that the British noble life is fine.

But do you know, from the 19th century, the British aristocratic class has a secret of uncomfortable to teeth - half of their flowing blood belongs to the United States.

You know, in the historic British aristocratic eyes, the top of the United States is an outbreak, both of which can be comparable.

However, the British aristocrat only eats and drinks, but it is resolutely not working. After hundreds of years of baptism, agriculture is increasingly not making money, this wallet is also getting tighter.

So they have to marry with the newly rising American aristocrats, using the US princess's dowry to improve the economic situation.

What can the American aristocracy get?

Of course, the right and status, from the outbreak to the Duke's Wuchang, how to see a cost-effective trading.

But they seem to have ignored someone, that is, as a US princess, a link.

The money transactions between the two families have to make women become marriage tools. According to statistics, from the 20th century, there are more than 200 worth of princess, which is more than one million dollars to marry the British aristocrat.

In the documentary "Million United States Princess", rice granules found them, fortunately, unfortunately helpless, but the most admirable thing, they all live another life.

Although I have experienced all kinds of bumps in exoticial towns, they still dare to fight, and have become a great woman who promotes historical progress.

Behind the ambition is a firm kernel

Jenny Jerome is a daughter of Lennad Jerom, one of the US millionaires, one of the "New York Times" shareholders.

In the 1960s, the property of Lenard Jerome has exceeded 10 million dollars. Even so much money, he still worry about it in the New York trip.

At that time, the United States was very popular, and the only choice wanted to enter the unique choice is to marry the daughter into the aristocracy.

So, Jenny accepted elite education since child, and was asked to learn a variety of talents.

Jenny is not expected to expect his parents, and it is beautiful and smart and talented. More importantly, she is especially the same, it is not inferior to young men in that era.

But rice grains still can't help but feel, but unfortunately, she is a girl.

Because in that era, women have almost unable to achieve their own value, Jenny can only accept reality even if they are not convinced.

So just give you yourself, do you have a beautiful vase in peace of mind?

No, she embarked on the road of saving the country.

At a ball, Jenny and the British aristocratic son were in love at first sight, and the son did not wait for the gods to set the marriage contract with her even three days.

If it is another girl, in the face of handsome, high love objects, will definitely seize the opportunity to get married immediately.

But Jenny doesn't think so, "the emotional direction, must hold it in my hand!"

She did even wrote in the letter in the two people: You made what I like, I will marry you!

What is this quen-style speech!

Later, the two stepped into the marriage hall, and Jenny's ability was once again emerged.

The husband is a member of the Congress, and she will give full play to the role of her diplomacy, using the status of money and peaceful circles to help her husband become a hot political intelligence.

It is not exaggerated that Jenny is completely dominated by her husband's political career.

And in the education of children, Jenny also has its own way.

Jenny has two sons, and the eldest son is the famous British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

When Churchill worked in South America, she often wrote to his son, and wrote:

"Can a person can succeed, just see if he is working hard."

She also insisted on the Churchill book, "Roman Empire", "rich national policy", etc., simply sends a whole leader to read.

But unfortunately, Jenny and husband's beautiful marriage did not last long, and her husband was frequently derailed, and even dyed a disease, she had to resign from the parliament.

In order to safeguard the reputation of his son, she took her husband around the world, and she was carefully carefully carefully, but her husband still died for a few years.

Five years later, Jenny began another life. She didn't care about her eyes, and she married her a man who was as imitation of his son.

Although people think she is crazy, the rice mother feels that this crazy is more like her 18-year-old compensation.

It can make rice granules feel sorry, now I mentioned Jenny, people only gave birth to her sentiment, and asked her to attach to men's silk flowers. In fact, she is a ambition, wrist. Strong woman.

Whether it is for love, marriage or children's education, and even every choice in life, Jenny has a clear goal.

Some people have said that she is because of huge wealth, they can live, freedom, and rice motifs feel that this is just more important because she has a firm kernel.

The kernel is the core of people's growth. It is more forward. Only the kernel is firm and powerful, in order to do the way in front of any difficulties, strive to achieve self, and facilitate each challenge, laugh at each life.

Conquer the fate, does not represent the fate

If Jenny's "exchange marriage" is married to love, the marriage of Constiti is a complete tragedy.

As a daughter of the US Railway Tycoon, if the Father's Wealth of Constito is in today, it is to exceed the level of Bill Gates. But the same as Jenny, from small, it is considered to be a family to enter the top society.

Her work is personally supervised by the mother, not only the strict requirements, but they will not let go of the small living habits, and she has no rooms at all.

In the words of Kessi, there is only four words - "Barbarism".

However, such education does have effects, Kissivre has passed the entrance examination of Cambridge and Harvard two top colleges, but this does not mean she can continue to study because she wants to marry.

However, this marriage is not what she is willing, because she already has a heart, but the arm is screwed, and the legs will ultimately meet the fate, becoming a Duchess.

After you think, Constiva will depress this depression?

No, she opened the door of the new world.

Since the small education is accepted from small, Mswit has a lot of ideas that are "radical" at the time.

18-year-old she took the title of the Duchess and began to do what they want:

Charity for rural children;

In order to improve the quality of life of poor people;

Voice for women ...

She did not limit herself in a castle, but flew out of the castle and flew a farther sky.

Later, Constiti met his true love, this time, she nevercomes compromise, gave up the title of the nobility, resolute divorce, remarriage.

That year, she was 29 years old.

Until today, the British mentioned Conswood, and she still referred to her for the greatest American princess because she made a real contribution to promoting the progress of the UK.

But few people know that under this fate, she struggled for a long time.

Many times, we have also inevitable instantaneous moments that are unable to understand the same, clearly, but have to follow the fate.

But the Mother Mom is admiring that she did not resent it in this situation, but the situation, in another way, lived their own style.

Everyone is eager to change the heavens, but it is worth a try.

Breaking the rules, is the most advanced foothold

In a documentary, there is a US princess that impresses the rice mother - Nancy Ast.

Unlike others, the family of the US princess is not particularly rich, but she is the first female Member of the British Parliament.

She is not a money in the way and rights, but their ability to work with talents.

After Nancy married the aristocrat, she created a famous political society in her family with her husband.

One, for the husband from the polite road; second, expand the people.

Therefore, the South Xijia in the time is a headless person, for example, now we are familiar with Chaplin, Roosevelt, etc.

Later, Nancy's husband inherited the title, in accordance with the UK, he must quit the parliament after he was inherited.

Isn't it in any pleasure?

Nan Hi wants to think: It doesn't matter, then I will come!

So, Nancy's political career began.

It is to know that in that age, this practice is simply "broken rules".

In the eyes of Nancy, there is no rule to stop her!

She first became an outstanding sports leader, and later broke the history of the United Kingdom and became the first female Member.

She advocates women to shorten their working days, pay more attention to teen nutrition problems, and deeper the British people.

In addition, Nancy is also very bold, and there is no coupling of Churchill without any coupling.

Slowly, she also found that Churchill is always unwilling to talk to her, until the two talk deeply, Nancy understands that Yang Chunjir is a fear of her.

Nancy himself is also very characterful, and it is always full of curiosity to fresh things. This feature is not changed until 70 years old.

At that time, Nancy was particularly interested in driving a car, but because of the smaller body, she had little way to take into account the steering wheel and the foot pedal.

So Nancy took a 9-year-old grandson, she held the steering wheel, and her grandson stepped on the pedal.

Can this grandmother be more bold?

From small to large, every child is limited by various rules, some of which help children know the rules, but some are more like bondage.

If you want to have a different life, you should bravely break all kinds of rules, and it should not be intimidated by never had a precedent, because every child can be the first person to eat crabs.

Just, I will take myself myself. When I am a small transparent, I don't know how the sky is highly entered, I have never thought that the results will come back a bunch of awards.

When an university applies for study abroad, the top more of the other students will take more than a dozen credits. The Mirama brought their 40-point degree to foreign countries, directly 500,000.

In fact, the rice mother also knows that these no one has done, and some people think this is impossible, but I just want to try it, but there is no loss anyway, I can't make it.

So these things that are impossible, they are hit by the Mom.

Revelling now, if people only look at the stone under the feet, then they will never go through the mountain, because it is not limited by objective conditions, but is bound by the heart.

So, whether it is a son or a daughter, in the process of growth, they may have a "virtual ceiling" moment.At this time, we should encourage your child, bravely break this layer of ceilings, not afraid, continue forward, up.

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