Within the age, the baby will "turn a few"?Mom is very important to learn how to catch the fierce

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Within the age, the baby will "turn a few"?Mom is very important to learn how to catch the fierce

2021-11-25 00:03:02 18 ℃

Baby growth is often "a moment" thing, and the baby is getting along with the baby day and night, and the mother will not be too sensitive to the baby's growth.

Mom roughly in the early morning of a certain day, suddenly found their own baby "grew up".

According to the baby's full moon, I suddenly feel that when I picked up my baby, I suddenly felt that my own baby suddenly could eat, and there was a lot of heavy.

Yiyi feels some incredible, I feel that I have not had a baby for a long time. Also said to my husband: "The child is really fast, you see the baby is so big."

Mom and the baby are in peace and evening, it is indeed a lot of money, it is still sad, the child is so fast, will not immediately leave, then leave my mother.

The husband laughed, she thought she was too far: "The baby just full moon, still eat milk, you think she is married?" Yiyi thinking about it, it is not sad.

In fact, the growth of the baby in the age of life is "double" growth, usually inadvertently.

In fact, there is no clear "mammoth" concept in medicine, this is just the concept of we will summarize according to lots of babies. The baby will have six "double-growth" opportunities in the age of life.

The first one: 1 week after birth.

Second: The third week after birth.

The third: fifth to six weeks after birth.

Fourth: 100 days after birth.

Fifth: The fourth month after birth.

The sixth: 8th and nine months after birth.

After the baby is born, it will face these "double-growth" opportunities. In these stages, the baby's growth will become rapid, and the body will have some "small reactions".

The child's slimming period may be obvious, or the mother can not be aware. In fact, it is not just that the baby is growing high, weight loss, and the development of psychological maturity and physical skills.

Performance 1: Baby turns into "small cream"

Baby long body, naturally need more energy to supply the body's development, the baby can be better than usual, turned into "small milk bucket" than usual, and always asked to eat milk.

And it is also possible, just after you have finished eating, you will ask for a lot of milk, the amount of food is large.

Performance 2: Baby is less sleep at night, night milk

During the long body, the baby in the evening is very likely to be 2 times before.

The baby may wake up because of hunger, and the mother is full of milk, because the baby doesn't know when I wake up and ask for milk.

Performance 3: Emotional change is more obvious

Baby will often be hungry at this stage. Don't look at the baby, the baby is also a bed, the sleep will make your baby's emotions easier.

Hungry is very fast, the baby's physical demand is not satisfied, can only express your dissatisfaction in emotions, crying more than usual.

Baby is in this stage, and if the mother seizes the opportunity, the baby will be better.

1 give birth to a baby

Don't feed it according to the "textbook", "feeding on demand" is king. Baby has a demand, naturally want to give him more.

2 pay more attention to your baby's emotions

Baby may lack sleep because of long body, frequent nights, and lack of security. When my mother is not emotional, I will care more about my baby, let the baby feel safe, and I can eat more relief.

3 Mom wants to hide some patient

The lack of sleep will make my mother's mood is a little irritated. I thought that the baby can sleep, I can sleep well, suddenly the slightly, let the baby bring it.

Mom is going to give my baby a little patience, usually pay attention to emotional adjustment, I find that my emotion is not good, I want to talk to my husband relatives, let the husband help to bring the baby.

Does your baby ushered in their own "double-growth" opportunity?