Use more effective than simple stretch marks products!Three strokes to make a flower belly, all dry goods!

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Use more effective than simple stretch marks products!Three strokes to make a flower belly, all dry goods!

2021-11-25 14:45:44 14 ℃

The stretch marks of the full belly are finally repaired by me! It turns out that the method is more effective than the simple pregnant markster!

If you rely on a stretch marks, then your stretch marks are ready to stay in the New Year! There is no way to de-stretch marks, just a moisturizing cream!

The next detailed explains with everyone, all my use methods and principles, all are dry goods!

Body care articles:

1, honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is bought by the pharmacy, 31 pieces of 5 one or two, I bought five two, so much in the picture every two days (about five fingers a grab), the first day, the water opened in 25 minutes, the next day, the water opened 40 minutes left and right, took a spoon to squeeze the slag, on the third day.

Every time I wash my body, my gold and silver frying soup and hot water are mixed together (I am in the big winter), so that I can get wet, then I can start it, if I feel too much during application. Cold, you can add some hot water in the middle, but pay attention to the water is not too hot, the warmth!

2, body breast hydrating

The wet is filled with simply wipes, you can start to apply the body milk, body milk should be moderately safe, and the moisturizing effect is good.

This Clarins is still good, usually use it very comfortable when the skin is dry, it is also very comfortable ~ I have used other body milk, but I don't like greasy feelings, so I took a shower next day. Can feel the feeling of body milk in the body ...

This absorption is fast, no greasy feeling, even if it is right, immediately goes to bed, but also moisturizes, it will not say that it is very dry. It is quite like it, it is the kind of faint fragrance, it will not puncture nose ~

3, apply an effective ingredient to pregnancy product

To this step is to buy a pregnant product containing an effective ingredient, not just simple pursuit of moisturizing, such as the following figure below the snow grass ingredient:

I chose this Nenfikin-pregnant pattern of seedlings that contain snowflakes, which are well known, with a purity of more than 95%, three times the effect of ordinary snow snow! Can accelerate damage to damage; ceramide can repair damage, softening, and soothing skin, which help to reshape lipid barriers to achieve 99% prevention and repair.

Pre-gerloth extract is a large can, the amount is very good, its texture is the kind of emulsion, there is no oil, is not like the very greasy pregnancy oil on the market. Very thin, massage a few times! After the painting, I feel a layer of water film, I can apply it!

My whole pregnancy includes this pregnancy essence after production, so it is basically too deep and deep stretch marks, and after the postpartum is slowly desalinated, it has gradually become slid, whether it is pregnancy or postpartum Everyone's skin care is lazy!

4, thickness + plastic wrap

I usually apply a thin layer and then apply it again, then wrap it again with a plastic wrap. Wait for about 20 minutes. Although the whole process is cumbersome, but think about it. Effective comparative moment, there is power HHH

1 high nutritious low calories, a small amount of meals, in fact, during pregnancy!

2 eat more fresh vegetables and fruit, etc., refused greasy broth, replaced staple food with crude food!

3-controlled sugar, reduce the intake of high sugar!

There is still a lot of treasures around me to eat protein to supplement collagen, but I don't recommend everyone to eat, now there are too many additives!

Like a pig's trotters, the chicken feet are fat, fat is too high, and it is easy to eat too much.

The white fungus is even more collagen, there is no, less looks YXH IQ!

Can eat more fish to supplement collagen, which is beneficial to restore skin elasticity ~

Tomato cucumber green leaf vegetables I have a lot, these for damaged skin restore elasticity can be helpful, and also lose weight ~

Sports articles:

After giving birth to your baby, you should pay attention to diet, sports is essential! Motion can help restore your body and increase skin elasticity.

Patient exercise is a lot, and the birth of a mother will do some of the actions after three days, but the time cannot be too long, according to its own actual situation.

The mother of the caesarean section begins with the unloading ten days, and I don't want to slow down.

The mother of the baby is still very weak, and the puerpse is taken to force, and the amount of progressive increased exercise is the time to stop.

Ok, my sharing is so much, I hope that every sister can succeed.