Easy to meet the good time 丨 Radioflyer variety explosive children's trolley

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Easy to meet the good time 丨 Radioflyer variety explosive children's trolley

2021-11-25 14:45:14 20 ℃

As a famous stroller manufacturer, Radio Flyer has brought high quality products and endless joy to the majority of children since found.

In order to better open the market, penetrate the maternal and child industry, Radio Flyer cooperates on November 18th, "Sunshine Sisters Amoy" variety, in the show, with the star Bao Mom, Gina sweet interaction. Through variety and stars, let more treasures have met the multi-functional hand of Radio Flyer.

In this program, Shenling represents the sun hut to push the Radio Flyer's multi-functional hands to Gina, introduced the seat belt settings of the small red car, and tell Gina in the future of the second treasure. When you can carry a travel, you can put a lot of travel supplies.

Gina is happy to reply, and there is no problem with three or four babies. It is very satisfied with this gift ~

Radio Flyer is a hundred-year-old ride toy company, a famous small red car manufacturer, a famous small red car manufacturer, a main leader of the four-wheel trolley, tricycle and scooter producer. In order to "bring laughter and creating a warm life," to improve our world with sustainable development, contribute breakthrough results, create innovative products, and stimulate child fun. The product quality excellence is deeply loved by the majority of children.

In this field, Shenling gives Gina's small red car is the main product of Radio Flyer - multi-functional push quadront car.

This Radio Flyer multi-function hand pushes the four-wheeled car with two-way mobile freedom, which can be pulled in front of the tip, can also be pushed in the back of the cart. Free switching between functions, the height of the hand pusher can also be adjusted any ~

As a small treasure, the safety protection setting of the Radio Flyer small red car is also in place. There is a 5-point seat belt in the car. There is a brake braking function. Baby security is guaranteed. Novice is safe to use. .

Radio Flyer small red car is lightly traveling, you can fold with one hand, and the mother can easily pick up the car. In order to block the damage of the ultraviolet, the lanze of the small red car is made of high-quality Duraclean® 2.0 fabric, easy to clean and durable, the entire UV protective cover can be automatically rolled, and it is also very convenient to accommodate.

Since it is called multi-functional hand pushing four-wheeled cars, it is more than a cart, but also a free-moving park bench. The side of the small red car is provided with a zipper. The wheel is equipped with a brake, which can be stable at any time. Stop, sit on a bench picnic or enjoy the beauty.

Radio Flyer multi-function hand pushed the four-wheeled car through the domestic GB6675 test, the maximum weight of the car can reach 120 pounds, about 54.5kg, let the hot mom Gina bring two babies really not a problem. Such a multi-function hand pushes the four-wheeled car who can't take a heart, let your baby have it ~