Nursing a baby within a hundred days, Bao Ma is going to do 4 not, beware of baby development

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Nursing a baby within a hundred days, Bao Ma is going to do 4 not, beware of baby development

2021-11-25 14:44:52 22 ℃

After the woman has finished the child, not only women need to be restored after childbirth, but also in newborns, it is also particularly fine. Because the newborn is very delicate, it needs extra careful care, but for some novice mothers, there is no experience in taking care of your baby. In fact, within three months after the baby is born, there are many problems that need attention in nursing. When nursing newborn, the novice mother should keep this 4 things, developing for the baby!

Don't excessively clean your navel, scalp: When the fetus is still in your mother's belly, it is connected to the mother's body, and will be tied with my mother, and will get oxygen and nutrients from my mother.

After the baby is born, the doctor will cut the umbilical cord, then hit a knot, and the doctor will take a maternal and family, to regularly give the baby to disinfect the umbilical cord.

About 10 days after birth, the umbilical cord will fall off, will become a navel, the baby's navel, there may be some black-haired dirty things, then don't worry about cleaning your baby, even if you can't use your hand. Otherwise, it is likely to cause baby umbilical inflammation to wipe the baby with alcohol or iodophor.

In addition to the dirty things in the navel, on the top of the baby, there is a layer of dirty things, commonly known as "啾", in fact, this is a fetal fat, now if it is excessive cleaning, it will hurt the baby's scalp and the door, the right way, It is painted olive oil or baby oil, and after soften the head, it will be cleaned.

Don't shave your baby, cut eyelash: summer is here, a lot of treasure mom thinks to give your baby stick, it is cool and good, but the halogen door on the baby's head is not completely closed. It is easy to hurt the baby. And the bald head is easier to be bitten by mosquito; and some treasure mom thinks to cut eyelashes to the baby, and then the eyelash will be long and black, but in fact, this concept is no scientific basis, the newborn skin is delicate and fragile, eyelashes The cutting will make your baby feel uncomfortable, and the process will cause harm to your baby.

Don't have to hold early: Many Bao Ma like to hold your baby, because the baby is very comfortable, and the baby likes it very much, and the advantage is the benefit of the, but the benefits of the milled milk, but for 100 In the newborn in the sky, the hazard of the sound is not a bit, and the spine development of newborns is not complete. It will hurt the spine too early, so the treasure mom does not have to hold up early.

Don't be in the elderly: Some old people's child care methods are more old, it is easy to cause damage to the baby, for example, some old people advocate to the child, shave the moon and cut the eyelashes, sometimes Bao Ming knows wrong, but in the old man The majesty agreed, but the last hurt is not someone, but the child, and some old people think that the baby is crying, this "grandmother feels hungry" is also unable, it is easy to make the baby appear excessive feeding The situation is caused.