Northern Millennium Professor took a granddaughter to play super focused power, how did he do it?

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Northern Millennium Professor took a granddaughter to play super focused power, how did he do it?

2021-11-25 14:44:48 21 ℃

A friend has a 6-year-old daughter, not only well-behaved, but also smart. Although I also like to play on weekdays, she is very serious when she is studying and doing things, and the focus is super strong. Therefore, the efficiency is very high, and the learning is very fast.

I am a good education, but my friend said, I have a little daughter. I was a grandfather, and her grandfather didn't give her a small stove, but often with her granddaughter. Many times a lot of women Glass, like an old urchin.

The grandfather of the child is a professor of Northern Dad, which is not engraved, but is very open. In educating children, it is even more open, thinking that children are young, it is to play more, only in the healthy growth of children. But the old professor thinks, is not letting the child watch TV to play mobile phones, but play some beneficial things.

"Compared to watch TV, the old professor thinks it is better to let the children look at the ants in the corner?" It is under such a thought, when I was educating my own granddaughter, I never gave the granddaughter, and I didn't teach the child book. Knowledge, but play with your child, go to the mountains to play water, when you are home, you can also teach children to play chess, play puzzles, play stickers.

Grandpa, grandfather, when teaching children to play puzzles and play stickers, will not give birth to children's puzzles and stickers, but they will play with their children, so the puzzles may be stubborn, but it can eventually form one; There are many furniture in the family, there are children's stickers. The child's super focus and learning ability are also benefited from these games for children. Why do you say this?

What are the benefits of making children with stickers?

At the age of 2, it is a key period of the development of children's focus and memory, and the children during this period are also good and focus. In the weekdays, the child is so moving, but if it is well cultivated, it will focus on something. For example, some children may kneel on the ground to see ant moving, watching snails, hardships, etc., are the performance of children.

Let your child play sticker games, not only let your child know and understand more things, but also able to exercise your child's thinking skills, as well as your hand-eye coordination.

When I was a child, I made my child's hands, in fact, it helped to stimulate the brain's brain development, so that the baby is smarter.

The child is still small, it is not much to do, but the sticker is the most easy to control the child, let the child play more sticker games, not only enhance the chance of the child's brain, but also enhance the child's self-confidence, the child is During playing, you can also exercise your child's thinking ability, you can use stickers to improve a pair, with stickers to conceive your small world.

It is precisely because of this, a friend's daughter, although he is always playing everywhere, but when playing stickers, it is still able to calm down, and do things, such habits, let children learn from small Work and rest, when you play, you carefully focus on learning.

I have listened to a friend, I also made my thoughts, and let my children play stickers from Xiaoyi, I know that I have to choose stickers to choose stickers, not all stickers are suitable for children, nor stickers It can help the child's brain development, so that children are smarter and more focused.

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