Baby is hard, mother is painful, leaning on the nipple cream

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Baby is hard, mother is painful, leaning on the nipple cream

2021-11-25 14:44:18 60 ℃

Let the children go independently, even if the nipples are fell, first feed, to the nipples to restore the beginning, continue breastfeeding Shi, it is easy to go to the milk, too milking, if the method is not proper, so don't let the child are hungry Can you give him a self-satisfying, it is good to be self-sufficient; there is a nipple to find YAO early, 自己 捏, 提 出, generally born, my mother ignores the baby's nipples. It is caused to squeeze out, which is not good to take breast milk after birth.

I am all breast milk to 13 months, there is no milk, I really feel too important, especially my family's appease. The breast pump, I think it is not as good as the child's sucking. Everyday, I don't have to eat too much greasy soup, I used to drink fish soup and broth. In contrast, the baby is really paying attention to breastfeeding, there is a problem with the tongue tip of the tongue after the baby is born, my family is short, very short, the baby is hard Mother feeding pain, relying on nipple cream.

If you are directly discharged from the hospital, find a pediatrician to find a knife, my family is born in the midwife birth center, and she will cut it separately, she will be filled with milk, and the baby is not painful. I didn't cry. It's a good time, it's very happy, but it's obvious that my mother feels different in the world, and this must not be dragged. It is said that the later she cuts the baby, then the 2nd, 4th, 6th day after birth. The fourth week, the fourth week, the day of the week, it has a place to go to the door or to help the wealth / pedestrian hospital, closely pay attention to the baby's weight growth.

Every time you have weighed, you must take light to the diaper in most winter. If you recommend milk powder, people will praise your pure breastfeeding, but they will never say that mixed feeding is not a good mother. Everything is heavy, and the weight is not satisfactory, I don't want to eat enough. Most pity. I am also almost no milk in three days, but I am flying, but the fifth day of the baby is not just a weight problem.

There is almost no size, and if you are infead feeding, you will start to add milk powder. A few days ago, I wanted to make milk with a breast pump. Some of them were fed. At this time, the nurse in the center of the moon will directly use the bottle. It is very difficult to suck the one who does not confuse the nipple. Although the mood is a bit low because my mother starts enough milk, I didn't expect myself that I have no milk, but I have not been desperate. You too much wrong operation, the suction time is too long, the frequency is too high, and the maternity is wrong. In the month, anyway, I will feed it every day.

If the baby is eaten within an hour, add 30ml or 60ml milk powder. Halled your baby's left and right, within 15 minutes each side. The baby only uses it in the night and will succeed. Anyway, add 90ml milk powder a day, and 50 days begins with pure breast milk. The amount of milk has always been too many, and it is halfnospace before going to work. Now the baby is 20 months. I am pregnant, almost two months ago gradually increase the amount of fresh milk to the baby, and now I haven't milk, the baby will come once every day, soon, I will go. Close to natural milk.

I have been eating breast milk, I have a very good immunity, I have to fever three or four times, caught in a cold, occasionally mild diarrhea, no other diseases. My mother is old says that I am eating grass. It is a milk. I didn't eat ribs soup in the month. I still returned to my family. My mother gave a few pork ribs, but I didn't dare to eat, I have a little bit. If there is oil and water, the milk is not rising. This is related to personal physical fitness. In fact, every mother is the most loved ones, my family is already one year old, I discussed with her. Weaning, she said no, want Mimi to go to three years old.