11-year-old girl is like a "maid" at home, and the family is not finished, mom: I have been annoying

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11-year-old girl is like a "maid" at home, and the family is not finished, mom: I have been annoying

2021-11-25 14:45:25 9 ℃

If a family is a family of family, it is likely that the parents have an eccentric situation when they treat their children. After all, a bowl of water is very difficult, only try to know every child is fair.

But now there are some families in treating boy girls, there is a sense of male light girl, or Dabao must take care of the brother, and some Dabao's encounter may have difficulty we think.

"Maid Girl" is only 11 years old, and every day has a housework.

Li Shi Ying is just a 11-year-old primary school student, but he worked at home every day, including usual to take care of your brother sister, but she cried many parents in this family.

Li Shi Ying is a very well-behaved girl, and the parents will never refuse, but this gradually let her fall into the predicament. Because from the little parents, she will pay her housework, since I have my brother, as long as Li Shi Ying has time, the mother finds that she has been busy, let her brother.

From washing clothes, towards the land, and then cook and cook, you can say that there is no family living in the family who will not do it. And the mother only has the continuous "order", even the brother of the naughty torn her homework, Li Shi Ying can only endure swallowing without complaints, then write another one. Sometimes Li Shi Ying is gone, thinking about resting, and the mother is not full: You are doing so grinding, see you are annoying! The 11-year-old girl is like a "maid" at home, and it is not as good as it is not as good. We are hard to imagine every day.

And their families are not because of their parents, but they will grow in such an environment.

Although we don't know why Li Shiying is treating her, maybe it is caused by life pressure, or is simple lazy, or put her as a maid to make a call, we do not speculate.

But many children are educating their children, please don't take care of the treatment, or the child treated, the young mind will be traumatic.

What is the impact of the children who have been treated by their parents?

1, the child becomes inferior

Those inherently inferior children are often growing up under their parents, and the child is self-confident, behind the encouragement and care of their parents. On the contrary, the children who have complained that their ability to complain that they can't complain, they are more confident, even when they are bullied, they have not confident.

2. Hate to parents

If you have a long time to treat your child, it is easy to let your child have hate psychology, because the children will clearly understand that others are what others have. Let the parents don't think that the child is stupid, and if you have a child, you will feel it, then you will feel it. If it is a bone child, it is easy to generate hatred psychology for his parents.

3, the parent-child relationship is gradually alienated

In every child's heart, you are eager to have a very close relationship with your parents, but often let your child alienate, not a child but a parent itself. Careful observation in daily life, you will find that children are not good at expressing their feelings, but in emotions, limb movements to their parents.

If you treat your child like Li Shiying, you will make your child get a failure of these emotional expressions, because parents complain their children, don't recognize them. After the number of behaviors, the child gradually did not try to be close to his parents, and the parent-child relationship was slowly alienated, but many parents did not know!


We must know that a child's growth is critical to the child's influence on children during childhood. If you don't pay attention to it, the child's personality and ambition are likely to change. Even if the child is able to make a resentment, then if the child is lost, in order to live the parents expect, go to the life path that children don't like?