The navel is highlighted, and the son is being questioned. Yin Shihang is more expected to be born by the child.

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The navel is highlighted, and the son is being questioned. Yin Shihang is more expected to be born by the child.

2021-11-26 00:07:57 12 ℃

Inertia: Mr. Pig and a couple, recently because of the relationship between children, there is a lot before, everyone's evaluation, it has become better than before, but there are netizens expect that they will not have children. divorce.

Mr. Pig has already had a daughter. The second child certainly wants his son, but he did not show it, and the two were revealed to everyone, let netizens mistakenly think that the son is, now daughter.

The change in front and rear, let everyone start suspected, which sentence is the truth, which sentence is a fake? So there are two dials on the Internet, and I have a son that I have a good trick. She wants to come to a big reversal, a daughter who believes in a pocket.

Netizens found that the navel of the pockets, and Mr. Xiao pig also felt very interesting, but also touched her navel, although the clothes wearing were very loose, can be seen from the clothes, her navel has already protocol.

When the netizen looked, the son was questioned. Because her son, the navel was so that the navel was so, no matter whether the son or a daughter, it is blood, as long as the pig and the pocket are not divorced, they don't Will treat your child.

However, in the pocket, Yin Shihang is more looking forward to the birth of the child, always looking at her alone, it seems that he can't wait to be dry, the relationship between the pig with Yin Shi is so good, but Very unexpected.

It is said that the world is red is a family. In fact, they did not have to know before. After everyone fired, they became friends through the Internet, and they would give each other to provide traffic. This is the right way to operate. The real friend is actually very difficult.

Previously, Mr. Xiao said that the children waiting for the children were born, they went to the network, then to open a shop, do physical business, but also to cooperate with Yin Shihang, now the child is going to be born, I don't know if the promise is still number?

If you retreat, Han Anji's traffic will also be reduced. After all, they are already a common body. One party has not fallen will have a chain reaction, and Han Anzhen's current heat has begun.

Conclusion: I don't know if everyone discovered. In those years, it has already passed. Now the public is more questioning and untrustworthy, and the net red will only become more and more difficult to change, net red will Do it, quality will become the only test standard.