A 90-story book about home - "City"

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A 90-story book about home - "City"

2021-11-26 00:07:44 18 ℃

Because Wang Guo is a celebrity relationship, the first impression will be a famous face of some father and son. After reading the book, this is a family that is broken, full is unbeatable, and regret, just like each of us. Sometimes I think this is 90, I really hope this is 90. When you wait until 00 or 10, the family will not be cut like our generation.

When the marriage is not good, the child is the biggest victim. Wang Guozhen and his wife were divorced in the early years. The child's impression of the child is full of aura and expectation, and there is a chance to choose whether to go with his father, resolutely choose his father. When I realized the father's family, I found that the reality was still painful, my father's family, not only got my own value, but also was also evolved along with the value of my father. There is no bound sense, always being annoyed. It looks at both sides, because the parents are not married, he is a single child. But even in this case, he still didn't have a home, because two people who were closest to him did not support his home, he just wandered his mother and Dad's home. This is two mutually opposite families, in such a home, he must hide yourself in another family. During your child's growth, if you can't be fully accepted by a group, then this child is not a complete home. Such a living environment is really not perfect. This is not a celebrity without any relationship. Life is life, and there will be an indiscriminate contradiction in the celebrity family. The child is also the largest victim of the family contradiction.

The author named the book "City" is probably because he has a long time to walk between two big families, as if it is two opposite citys. And if he has a city that belongs to himself, it will not be exposed to these sharp opposes because parents will block it for him. What he can contact is the shelter from parents, not the tear of two major cities.

"The family will not only help each other, sometimes it will hurt each other, the children are good, the parents are all." This will probably there will be a perfect family. Anyway, Mr. Wang's home is not, my home is not. It is because I know this painful reality, so I hope that we can have a perfect family under my husband. But life is not a perfect collection, and family will always have infertile past, we all accept such reality, but don't let children always see imperfections. After all, before the minor, children need parents to care.

Regardless of the current situation of the family, the child grows with their preferences. In the warmth of the warmth, the rebellion of the rebellion, no one can escape the youth, and no one can escape the rebellion. As long as there is no large deviation, everything is within the allowable range. Everyone's growth process is an imperfect stack. Before there is no child, we are all immersive parents, but when we have children, we become imperfect parents in your child's eyes. It is because of the limited innocent conditions, so we need to continue to learn how to make a perfect parent, give sufficient asylum during the child's growth.

But no matter what, the love of the parents is not arguing, but they have no ability to build a home belonging to the author.