When the child doesn't want to go to school, parents bring him more than three places, more more

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When the child doesn't want to go to school, parents bring him more than three places, more more

2021-11-26 00:07:55 9 ℃

No parents don't want their children to fly in the career, life is happy, but there are also a lot of parents around us, in the process of educating their children, so it also leads to things. In the childhood and your youth are the most important learning stage. If parents can guide and educate, then the child can also become similar to the Tiantian tree after growing.

Every country is different for children's childhood education. We need to learn the advantages of others, but also to reflect on what aspects you are doing. Many of our country is running all the year old, so make your child become a left-behind child, because the aged parents don't know how to do it is correct education, causing them to use the old ideas and ideas and practices to education. And guide children, and the results also make children a lot of bad habits.

Although everyone's starting point and ideal are good, there have been many questions that everyone doesn't want to see during the development of things. When the child is only a few years old, he stays away from his hometown, ran to the big city, and the night in the daytime, although it has earned money outside, but it also allows children in the family lack of their parents.

Many children are reluctant to learn, because many parents' temper is very violent, starting at the beginning they can speak the importance of their children, however, they can't control their emotions, so they may also Will be a child, well known, and it is better to say patiently with him, if you are more, you will affect the relationship between the child and our parents.

Parents who have experienced experience will be very clear, they are not a wise move, and the results will only be violated. If we don't know how to let children fall in love with learning, I don't listen to Harvard female principal Foster. Answer.

Foster is a legendary female figure, but she is not only the first of Harvard, but also the only female principal, but she summed up the educational concept has also been recognized by countless people, and be respectful by everyone. With regard to how to educate children, Foster is understood.

When the child doesn't want to go to school, when I have an anti-negative psychology, my parents who have repelled their children, not as good as take him to see these three places.

1st: Airport

Compared with train tickets and fares from high-speed rail tickets, the price of airline tickets has a heaters. If you have experience in the plane, you will find the passengers in the airport. Their wear and talks will be deeply attracted to our bystanders. In addition, the flight of the aircraft is divided into a first class and economy class, and the fare between the two is completely different.

When the child doesn't want to learn, I can take the child to the airport to take a look, let the children understand the heart, if you want to take the plane, you must first make money, you have to master the skills of learning.

The second: high-speed rail station

Compared with the speed of the train, the speed of the high-speed rail is much faster, but the fare of the high-speed rail is about three times that is equal to the train fare, so do you want to spend money when we plan to travel? Although it is very convenient to take the high-speed rail now, there are direct cars, but many people are still not willing to pay high fares, so I would rather choose to take the train.

Take a child to the high-speed railway station will let the child understand that efforts will not be a leader in the industry, but as long as they continue to work hard, they will be able to improve their current situation, and they will have more and more.

Third: Railway Station

Since the train fare is relatively low, now many people are fine, even if they are sitting for more than a dozen hours, they are not willing to choose high-speed rail or plane, we will find that many people take the big bag of baggage, especially In the Spring Festival, the trains were crowded, seeing this scene, we can't help but feel sad.

When the festival in the festival, many people who took the train were parents who were working outside. They wanted to pay for their children in the past few days, filial parents, with their children to the train station, and let the children understand that their parents have worked hard. Working hard, will make your child aware of how important learning is.

Harvard female principal Foster summary, it is really reasonable, and everyone will benefit everyone. As a parent, we must let your child actively learn in the process of educating children, understand the necessity of learning to learn old.

Parents are not only the 1st teacher of the child, but also friends with their longest friends in childhood and your youth. Everything of parents will influence children in the subgnort, so I want to let my children grow into the body of the pillars, my parents must do the example, let the children choose the right way.

If you are a parent, I don't know what is the right parenting concept. It is better to see the "Harvard home training" book, and the book has elaborate a lot of parenting experience, which will help countless novice parents to master what is correct. Parenting method?

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