Liu He just sells a waste video, and Zhaobi Li Xiang will educate children, and this respected response is eye-catching

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Liu He just sells a waste video, and Zhaobi Li Xiang will educate children, and this respected response is eye-catching

2021-11-26 00:06:45 12 ℃

On November 23, the famous singer Liu He has shown a photo of two children selling waste to make money on the social platform. The two children have been appreciated by countless netizens. In the video, Dad Liu He just took the camera, the big son took the car filled with waste, and the daughter sat in the waste car, and the picture appeared very warm. Surprisingly, Liu He has dressed very plain. As a star second generation, they can't see a brand name up, which has nothing to run with ordinary children full of streets.

In the figure, the big son of the pulley did not send the car silently, it looked very calm, and the little daughter looked cute before the camera. Liu He, my son also said that the money of selling waste should be bought for Grandparents. Seeing this scene, netizens are praising Liu and just parenting and getting angry, a child is obedient and understanding. Surprisingly, there is also a netizen in the comment area to compare Liu He Gang's parenting method and Li Xiang.

Teacher Liu Teacher Liu teaches the child, and the foot is on the ground. "For this, Liu He has also appeared in the comment area, replying to this news. He said:" I hope they can become a good person. "It can be seen that Liu Hechi's teacher does not recognize Li Xiang's way of educating children. Indeed, Liu Heang has a great difference in educating children. Recently, the 12-year-old Wang Shi is appearing at the airport, he is wearing a leather coat, squatting A luxury bag worth 20,000 yuan. Just like his mother Li Xiang, very expensive.

However, Liu He has had a very simple child, and their living environment and food cannot be compared to Wang Shi, especially in the well-washing clothes. These two families have a lot of differences in their children. Looking at Liu He Gang's other video, you will find that his child is too sensible. They not only sell waste to make money, but they also take the initiative to wash your feet. Seeing Liu Hechi's children so much, some netizens will ask him to educate their children in the comment area.

In fact, the best educational approach is active. As a parent, you should first become an example of your child. Liu He just is like this. For all, Liu He has been famous filial son. When he comes out from poor rural areas, the first thing he can do is take over his parents. In order to make parents feel more comfortable, he works hard. He always remembers everything that his parents is doing it, so he has educated his children from a small child to Xiaoba grandmother.

Have to say, Liu Heang and Li Xiang have educated children's ways too different. From his speech, we can see that he does not agree with the child to raise a good behavior. These two families are educated to educate children. I don't know which kind of education do you think is more beneficial to the child's growth?