Children's pneumonia infection can cause allergic cough, how to prevent experts

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Children's pneumonia infection can cause allergic cough, how to prevent experts

2021-11-26 00:06:45 5 ℃

Recently, the Children's Hospital child cold, fever, cough overcrowded. Children can easily lead to respiratory infections affected by cold air. But these cough among children, some children will be improved after taking the drug, but some children coughing continued, and even more serious. For those children cough more than a month, as parents must consider whether the child is allergic cough. Allergic cough, mainly for its long lasting cough, and even asthma and recurrent, so that parents worry. So, what are the reasons children are allergic cough? Children allergic cough What are the symptoms? Children allergic cough how to do? Let's answer it.

A first look at the reasons behind the produce allergic cough

Generally speaking, children allergic cough for three reasons:

1, allergic constitution

Allergic constitution usually refers to those who are prone to allergies or have a history of allergic people but can not find a specific reason. And if the child is allergic constitution, then there will be a variety of allergic reactions and allergic diseases such as allergic asthma, urticaria, drug-induced dermatitis, eczema and even exfoliative dermatitis.

2, cold air induced

Living in a humid climate, large temperature difference between day and low pressure areas, the risk of allergic cough will increase. If your child suffers from allergies to air dry cough, high pressure place to live, cough symptoms will be reduced. So, the child has allergic cough, and high and low air pressure, air humidity, cold-related changes.

3, mycoplasma pneumonia

Airway inflammation induced respiratory viral infection is an important cause of allergic cough, airway hyperresponsiveness in children, and viral respiratory infections (mycoplasma occurs most often in children with recurrent infections) in addition to the direct cause airway inflammatory response and result in damage to the airway mucosa, but also as a strong allergen allergic airway inflammation. Some of which can occur in children with recurrent wheezing and coughing, some of the children will eventually develop into atopic diathesis (also known as allergies), airway hyperresponsiveness and allergic asthma cough. These normal human suffering from a viral infection generally causes only transient and mild symptoms, while the lower or upper respiratory tract in children allergic children there is non-specific inflammation of the airways may induce allergic cough.

Second, look at the specific symptoms of allergic cough in children

Children suffering from allergic cough, the main symptoms are the following:

1, less dry cough

The main manifestation of the disease irritating dry cough and sputum less, especially at night and early morning attack more serious. It is characterized by a paroxysmal and persistent, irritating cough occurs when a child, may cause lung damage, so when the child long dry cough, should promptly take him to the hospital for medical treatment so as not to aggravate their condition.

2, other allergic reactions

In addition to children with allergies will do little expectoration, there will be a number of other reactions, such as allergic conjunctivitis and appeared dry itchy eyes, nasal congestion or because of allergic rhinitis appears, nasal itching, runny nose and other symptoms.

Children have relevant medical history, it is necessary to pay more attention, and do not let him come into contact allergens, allergic reactions occur, timely medical treatment to relieve symptoms, prevent disease progression.

Third, children allergic cough how to do?

Allergic cough is left untreated, will bring great harm to the child, I suggest that you do this:

1, the first anti-inflammatory treatment again

Allergic cough easily induced allergic asthma is more serious in the case of allergic diseases in children. In addition, while suffering from allergic asthma, often accompanied by bronchitis, pneumonia and other problems, treatment should be the first anti-inflammatory treatment, and only then taking allergy medication treatment.

2, to avoid the typical allergic asthma

Although the variant asthma does not endanger the child's life, but it will induce a typical allergic asthma. Typical allergic asthma in the child's learning, living and sleeping have a significant impact, so when they appear variant asthma symptoms, seek medical attention as soon as possible to take.

3, variant asthma do not need to use antibiotics

Children suffering from variant asthma, antibiotics or antiviral drugs should be discontinued, while avoiding contact with allergens. We recommend taking probiotics to children, thus speeding up the cell response, improve immune system function. Minoxidil station probiotics antiallergic action in addition to parenterally, modulate the immune response in the lung, the respiratory reactions also reduce. Studies have confirmed that certain probiotics such as Lactobacillus paracasei after complete clinical trials: can colonize the gut to stimulate the immune cells in the intestinal immune regulation, adjusted for allergies play the best effect. "Probiotic adjustment allergy" has long been in immunology and medical profession on the root cause of the allergy has reached a consensus, Taiwan - Le Allergy probiotic functional analysis of genes, the latest strains through international screening platform (SINT), the use of gene chip high-throughput screening and in vitro genetic recombination, we found the probiotic strains with anti-allergy gene study confirms paracasei, Lactobacillus reuteri have significant anti-allergy function, which paracasei is the most studied anti allergy lactic acid bacteria isolates, significantly reduced the anti-allergy function of individual differences, compared to a single strain of anti-allergic anti-allergic immune regulation ability is more comprehensive.

Fourth, children allergic cough dietary considerations

Children suffering from allergic cough, using food therapy treatment good results, as follows:

1, do not eat meat orange

Many parents think that the orange has the effect of changing the cough, let the child eat more oranges. In fact, it is orange peel with a rumor and cough efficacy. 2, do not eat fat food

Chinese medicine believes that most coughs are caused by lung heat, and children are even more likely. Children often eat fat things will make the body to generate internal heat, increase the symptoms of cough, and the sputum changes more vice, it is not easy to discharge.

For children with asthma, excessive fat food will block the respiratory tract, make asthma symptoms more serious, difficult to recover. During the child cough, I suggest you give him more light food.

3, don't eat cold food

The theory of Chinese medicine believes that after the body is cold, it will cause lung damage. Most coughs are due to the lungs caused by pulmonary disease, and the lungs do not announce. So, then eat cold things, it is easy to induce lungs, causing the disease to deteriorate, and the body cannot restore health. Cough is often accompanied by sputum, while the sputum is related to the spleen, because the cold food will cause spleen and stomach damage, resulting in a reduction in spleen function, gathering and sputum.

4, eat less high fat high heat food

Obesity will make asthma symptoms more serious. Everyone should let children control their weight, eat less canned meat, animal fat, barbecue food, fried food, etc. High-fever.

5, stay away from allergy food

Everyone should often give children fresh vegetables and fruits in their daily lives, and pay attention to the variety of species. Also let children eat more nut foods such as walnuts, which helps to restore health. If your child has a variant asthma, remember not to let him eat food that is easy to allergically.