Breastfeeding in the future or become normal?The truth is understanding, but it is very difficult to do it.

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Breastfeeding in the future or become normal?The truth is understanding, but it is very difficult to do it.

2021-11-26 00:07:14 2 ℃

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"Do you feed the child to breast milk?"?

When women are pregnant, they will be asked all kinds. After having a baby, they also escape, and the most estimate is that the feeding method is.

In the age of yet, everyone hopes that they are breastfeeding, so that children don't have to drink rice soup to eat rice paste in advance. After the milk powder appears, a big problem is solved for the baby's breast milk, but it also brought some small problems.

In a set of data in early 2021, it can be learned that small babies are only 29.2% in small babies within 6 months.

In the face of breastfeeding, the relevant departments have also made some plans. It is estimated that by 2025, the small baby's purem-feed rate rises to 50%, and some people hope that breastfeeding can become normal.

It is said that breast milk is the baby's "golden mouth", the benefits of breastfeeding and the truth, but it is difficult to do.

Breastfeeding in the future or constant? The truth is the mother understand

In fact, the treasure mother who resists breastfeeding from the bottom of the heart is just a few, because the benefits they listened over and over again.

First of all, save this benefit is obvious. Nowadays, 3, 4 hundred milk powder is really burdening.

Second, if the small baby within 6 months can be fed by the pure breastfeeding, it is beneficial to physical and mental development, and this milk powder feeding is slightly different.

Finally, breastfeeding brought the intimate feelings between parents, and noble milk powder can also be replaced. Bao Ma, who has experienced breastfeeding, often sighs, and occasionally thinking about the baby in his arms after many years, it is still very happy.

However, Bao Ma also faces a lot of problems in breastfeeding, many times have this heart, but it is difficult to do, and others often don't understand.

Breastfeeding is a bit difficult, Bao Ma is so hard to stop?

Most old people still hope that women can feed their baby breast milk, but they don't encounter a baby in 6 months of pure breastfeeding, don't blame her, Bao Ma is likely to be difficult by these things. .

▼ is short in childhood holiday, not enough to feed your baby too long

The number of birth fake days in each region is slightly different, usually in this range of 98 to 188 days, 128,158 days of maternity leave.

That is to say, even if Bao Ma is resting until the birth of the birth, she will eventually feed the child, but only 6 months.

What's more, some work can't do it in the third trimester. It is necessary to take a break in advance, which causes less time to feed breast milk.

Some people may ask. After work, you can squeeze the breast milk, you can back every day. But in fact, there is a problem with taste, no time, and the same opinion, etc., it will become hindered.

▼ breastfeeding is not convenient

I feed my baby in my home and have a good thing. It is a trouble. Mom can't bear to look at the baby, and I can't find a hidden place. It may be good to find the maternal and child room, but it is occupied by all kinds of unrelated personnel. It is not yet.

So, some breast milk saves the treasure mother, when you go out, you will bring some milk powder to the accident, you can't reach the standard of pure breastfeeding.

About breastfeeding, Bao Ma also needs free

Breastfeeding is a mother's instinct, but this matter is good for children, let the people in the middle of the people, to reduce the pressure for her husband, but only bitter Bao Ma.

Breastfeeding not only requires women's love and patience, but they need them to sacrifice their time and freedom, but also need family cooperation. More important is to provide better conditions for breast milk mothers at work, out and in a large environment.

Candy mother is in mind:

In the future, if you want breastfeeding, it is necessary to become a normally, then it is necessary to make a convenience in public applications, which will become normal.

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