Made fragmented | 22-year-old Mengyu children becomes "next Dong Mingzhu"

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Made fragmented | 22-year-old Mengyu children becomes "next Dong Mingzhu"

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# 22-year-old secretary Dong Mingzhu popular #

Gree successors seems to have "horizon"

What kind of good luck young

In 22 years of age

Let one hundred billion corporate CEOs saw in it

From the age of 22 "ordinary working people" as "chairman"

How far is it from

Once you know the story of Meng Yu children will find

Good luck from heaven is nothing

Walks Zhejiang University, Chinese dance ten ......

The girl is not a simple start

This issue virtue annoying chatters, we would like to take Yu Meng children's growth, adhere to chat with the children, the importance of self-confidence and independence.

How can overnight success

Only self-discipline and persistence, day after day

According to the Securities Times reported, Dong Mingzhu more than once disclosed the selection requirements Gree successor, not the relationship with relatives, friends nor to the relationship, but only personal capacity.

Dong Mingzhu view, Yu Meng Tong is the largest competitive than others endure hardship, character is very dynamic, strong learning ability to respond, suitable for marketing and sales.

But Meng Yu Tong mother said her daughter did not start out so dazzling confidence.

Childhood, Yu Tong Meng will you see a stranger scared cried. Mother, insisted after school dance with her, only to become self-confident, lively, cheerful. It is also the specialty of dance, she became impressed begin Dong Mingzhu, have a back story.

Meng Yu Tong high school teacher, recalled that although Meng Yu Tong graduated from high school was sent to the Spanish Institute of Foreign Languages ​​Department of Zhejiang University, also won a series of scholarships to participate in the exchange program ...... but compared to the dazzling achievements in the teacher's eyes, Bangladesh Yu Tong usual habit of leaving their impressive:

In the teacher's eyes, "She is one of the few I've seen, behavior, study habits on the best child, sitting in the class will always be the most correct and pencil grasp is the most standard, the most serious of lectures."

Small seemingly insignificant habits, persistence and self-discipline are the abbreviations. This insistence, just as the "flywheel effect" of psychology, at the beginning though laborious, can every lap effort will not be wasted, as the flywheel turn fast, requires very little power can keep turning.

"We are entering the workplace" program, Tong Meng Yu was originally not the most prominent, her professional Spanish, which is not counterparts and marketing efforts, experience in the workplace, but other than a few. Beginning of the program, interns interview Dong Mingzhu personally pitched, high-pressure situations in the ordinary view, the child is very Meng Yu dare to show themselves. Professional counterparts, but Meng Yu Tong made a solid homework, explain their understanding and knowledge of marketing of the interview, let Dong Mingzhu saw her efforts and sincerity.

First take a leading role, while also dealing with the completion of the work of colleagues and relations, although she initially proposed the idea of ​​the game is to do three years listening to the most do not fly, but she was very insistent themselves, but also a wealth of design details, expression and report when clear, warm, but the last non-professional marketing background, she got the highest score.

Writer Gladwell said:

"The reason why talented people in the eyes of remarkable,

Not talent superior adult,

But we paid a sustained effort. "

A tiny habit of cumulative and persistence, tenacity and self-discipline as well as long-term, and ultimately illuminate a child's whole life. Who can not be assured Meng Yu Tong will surely become a future successor Gree, but she did have was a play, powerful inspirational ordinary people.

Not arbitrary

But self dominate

"Carl Witt of education" in said:

It is easy to form a good habit when young children, but it is difficult to develop in after they grow up. Conversely, if the child had always been a lot of bad habits, it is difficult to get rid of when they grow up.

For example, there was a father had secretly photographed the entire process of the child's homework:

While pushing the door, will be a little bit of wall, distracted, in a daze, toilet, all kinds of playing tricks, is not homework.

A full nine minutes, the children really spend time on the job, but only 2 minutes.

He is not seen their children

Online there is a question: What is your most profound myth is that? A high praise answer is: that freedom is do what you want to do, who later found self-discipline will have freedom.

Human instinct action has two sources, one is the pursuit of happiness, the second is to avoid pain.

Most people's instinct is to choose the latter. Therefore, the life of fun, but also lazy nature when most children learn.

But get up early reading, although painful to get up, get over it after a full day feel heart; unbridled fun, indulgent moment though happy, but before going to sleep often guilty remorse.

Fate is fair, the road to success, the worse the more walking, the more easy way is leading to more mediocre. No good behind it, the only self-discipline it.

Writer Stephen Gass, each day write at least 50 words, practice day after day, eventually wrote a best-selling book "micro habit."

In order to keep the light dancer Yang Liping dance, graceful figure, ten years have not eaten a full meal, she created a peacock, he has been called "the dance of God," the audience in Southeast Asia, and now over 60 years old, but no trace of the body fat.

In order to let himself have a more real expression in order to let himself shoot, every time a movie will die. So far, he is an actor, or a Bachelor of Economics, Dolphin Trainer, Professional Bicycle, In addition to this, he will surf, gymnastics, sign language, Thai, Brazilian journey and other skills. Behind all the people have an effort that is imagined with ordinary people. Not accumulating, there is no thousand miles; not accumulate small streams, no energy into the river. It is a long-term self-discriminating, one day, a year, a year.

We must always remember at any time, the child is an independent individual. He will lead to us to him to belong to his world, the more self-disciplined, the more dominated it. It may not be seen in a short period of time, but time long, a few months or even years, self-discipline people and non-self-discipline will eventually take different roads.

So please tell the children around you, you can really go to the top, and you will always be the people who are in your heart. Start at this moment, be a self-discipline, in the years of the year, you can get every inch of light.

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