Baby is immunized, the body will have a small change, parents should find out the elephant and guard him

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Baby is immunized, the body will have a small change, parents should find out the elephant and guard him

2021-11-26 06:02:32 11 ℃

How many parents are often sigh, I would rather be sick for my child, and I don't want to watch the child by a little sin.

Immunity can be said to be "protective umbrella" that is healthy growth, and immunity will bring a series of chain reactions. Because of your life, you will affect the normal diet, causing the child's body development to keep up.

At the same time, because it is often sick, it has to be invited, even in kindergarten will delay learning, not to mention primary schools and secondary schools. Even if the child is smart, it is very difficult to fall in the course to recover the progress.

The child "first arrived", it is inevitable that the early stage of bacteria and viruses will inevitably lose, so in addition to the performance of sick, there are such minor changes in the child's body?

Baby immunity is deteriorating, what performance will there be?

The small baby has immunity, and will be re-established after 6 months. But the baby's immunity is not a day, and it is not a day. When his immunity is being deteriorated, it will show it from various small details on the body.

▼ The most obvious feature, with the same age

The child's immunity is generally weak than the adults, although the child is sick and immunity, but cannot compare with the number of parents, but compared with the children of the same age. Especially living in a community and a child in a class.

Everyone is similar to the living environment. If a child is significantly more ill, it means that its immunity is low.

Take the most common colds, children under the age of 10 are normal for 2 to 5 times a year, no more than 8 times will be a lot. If your child has to run a hospital almost every month, each year is more than 10 times a year, that is, the performance of immunity.

▼ mental state is not full, and the character is well-behaved

As we all know, the child is more than the magical creative of "rest for 5 minutes, mad game two hours", not only love to play, but the mental state is full, naughty is a headache.

But the older generation likes the child this state because they think that naughty children are good. The old man's describes very simple, although it is not very accurate, it is reasonable.

The child's immunity can be seen through his mental state.

▼ Baby's gastrointestinal digestion is not very good

The baby is gradually declining, and it is also weak in terms of digestion. The stomach is very delicate, and the urine is very yellow, and constipation is often constipated or diarrhea. Parents often think that children are getting angry or have not eaten, but the influence of diet is shorter, and there is a baby in immunity.

Baby immunity is strong and does not mean not sick. Normal times, and is not very serious ill, it is conducive to immunity growth.

To strengthen your baby's immunity, it is to reduce his unnecessary sick, let your baby have a rhythm of the rhythm, and the vitality is full.

Previously, Tiger Dad took off his clothes outside the clothes in the winter before, and some parents often protect their children at home, and they are extremely extreme. .

Baby is immune, parents should find out and protect him!

Want to keep your child's immunity is always in a higher state, and parents can start from the following aspects.

First, ensure the child's "high quality sleep"

Sleep is critical to the child, and the child is developing, physical development, memory, and immunity from a small brain, must be helpful in high quality sleep.

But there is a little bit of parents to be clear, long is important, but the sleep is also very critical, otherwise I have not helpless the child's immunity for a long time.

The child's best in the night is 21:00, try to ensure that you fall asleep at 22 o'clock, this is 23 o'clock, the body's growth hormone can be normal secreted, and the immunity will continue to grow.

Second, guarantee the appropriate exercise

The old generation likes to look at the child who jumped and feels that the child is healthy and there is a bit link.

The child often bored at home, and some children playing with some physical activity in the outside. Children's immunity will not grow themselves, proper exercise physical exercise, help to improve their child's immunity.

Finally, "big supplements" is better to eat

Parents are worried that the child is not good, and I first think of having a good supplement to the child, eat meat and drink a big soup. But this type of food may let the child grow meat, but there is no great help to immunity.

Want to make the child's immunity becomes strong, to ensure the balance of nutrition from the diet, try to eat breastfeeding before eating complementary food, can eat complementary food and big people, to ensure rich nutrient intake of meat, egg, vitamin.

Especially in this point of vitamins, children are hard to intimate in daily diet, but it has a great help to "autonomous immunity".

In addition to daily fruits and vegetables, you can add some composite vitamins to your child, grow "energy" and power for your child's immunity.

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