Who is the child's IQ?The brain has 2 gold periods! Parents come over

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Who is the child's IQ?The brain has 2 gold periods! Parents come over

2021-11-26 06:02:29 8 ℃

There is a sentence to believe that many people have heard: "Long Shenglong, Feng Sheng Feng, mouse children will take a hole."

If the couple is a sense of typing, then the child should also be a school.

Is it true? Do I really gene in my IQ?

With this question, I went online to search, the result ~ I was shocked.

Some netizens said that they were undergraduate Tsinghua, Master Bohamas, and his wife Bo Bo is clear, but the son is the first year, even the second never.

There are also netizens who say that they feel a fool, older husband's scientific hegemony, his own liberal arts is good, you can't understand the daughter mathematics. The language is unclear.

We look at it, the hero of Laozi, the statement of the children, how can I get it?

Not to say that Qifang is active, don't you say that the child is like a parent?

Hey, if you have such a doubt, please read this article, I will give you a perfect explanation.

First let's take a look, what is IQ.

Some people say that it is a cognitive level, and some people say that it is an IQ test value, and these perspectives have each statement.

But I think that their evidence is not very sufficient, it is difficult to quantify.

Even if the IQ test value is just a relative indicator within a group, is there an absolute indicator to measure IQ?

The answer is yes.

Scientists have encountered a consensus.

Is a person's intellectual level is closely related to the number of neurons in the cerebral skin.

That is to say, the children of others are smart than your home, not because he loves 6 walnuts.

It is because the number of neurons of his cerebral cortex is burst.

How to verify this conclusion:

Scientists first test the animal's brain, found a group of animals that can be tried, such as tigers, orangutans, elephants, mice, dolphins.

Then, the brain of the animals was cut with a saw, and the various regions of the brain were smashed with the test water, and finally the number of neurons in the sample was observed under the microscope.

It was found that it is more intelligent with our experience, dolphins and elephants look smart.

In fact, the number of neurons of their cerebral cortex is indeed more than other animals.

That is the ratio of human beings?

The study found that there is approximately 257 billion neurons of the elephant whole brain, and how much is human?

Humans only tens of billions, this seems that elephants are smarter than humans.

Oh, don't forget, we said, smart only with the number of neurons in the cerebral skin.

Don't see that the elephant brain is large, there are many quantities of neurons, but 98% of neurons are in the small brain.

On the key indicators of the cerebral cortex, the elephant is only a poor Baba to get 5.6 billion, it is not possible to compare with the 16 billion neurons of human beings.

That is to say, human beings can become the spirit of all things, because we have super strong cerebral cortex.

Ok, understand, what determines our IQ.

Let's see, why is there a high IQ? Some people have low IQ?

Everyone knows that life is to follow the rules of genetic variation.

In fact, according to genetics, human IQ's legacy is about 70% to 80%.

That is to say, if you have strong couples, then you have probably have a probability of a smart baby.

Therefore, this is the reason why the country has always advocated exceptions.

After all, if you both are stupid, you want to give birth to a smart baby, then you have to take a junky in the grave.

That question is, why do children with family families may not be smart?

Now you know:

1. It is because of the probability of genetics, it is possible that you are just not lucky, and it happens to step on the remaining two hundred percent.

2, inherited has a mean question, that is, the extreme characteristics of the parents will not completely gene in the next generation, the next generation will slowly approach the average of the public.

So we will find that the son of Maradona can only play in the Angle-level league.

Lin Qingxia 's daughter is a parent of 100,000 miles, and the love of Einstein is not mentally ill.

Like the Heritage tax, you are not used by the people, and the child can't inherit, he has to pay a large heritage tax.

Ok, through the above analysis, we may feel a bit passive, just like yourself, the child is still, it seems to be limited by the gene, it seems to have a space that is not working hard.

In fact, it is not the case, then, I will tell you, there is more important you day!

Everyone knows that the brain is a process of evolving changes.

In other words, it is that the gene is only determined by your IQ initial value, and the latter day is the only way to determine your ultimate height.

How do you do it?

You will remember four words, just use it into the waste.

For the child, from birth to adult, their brain has two cycle changes:

One is about 2 years old, once a 10 years old.

During these two periods, the child's cerebral cortex happened, mainly reflected in the multiplication of neurons, and the improvement of neuron network transmission efficiency.

Simply put, this time is like a supercomputer.

Whether it is processing speed, or reaction efficiency, it has reached the highest peak of life.

But the problem is that the brain will do one thing during this period is the repair cut.

The neurons that are often used will stay, and they will be quickly eliminated.

So we will find that many children will suddenly be open in the early days, that is, suddenly become smart. So, if you have a child, you must pay attention to boot during this period and use his brain in a more valuable place.

Some people have said that the child has passed this period, and even have been adulthood, what should I do? Do you improve your intelligence?

The answer is of course!

As mentioned earlier, the brain is in accordance with the principle of discovery, as long as you use, neuronal cells will grow.

And you have to use it, the more profound, the higher your IQ.

This seems that it is not very the same as our feelings, it is an adult, we didn't feel that he became smart, why is this?

Hey, in fact, this is related to our habits, as our age, the experience is increased, we habitually act in accordance with the previous practice.

This means that for the brain, it does not need to increase neurons to cooperate with us.

However, if you are a willing to learn, people who are willing to continue.

So, from a physiological, you must become smarter.

Ok, the above is my sharing of IQ this topic. Finally, I want to mention a suggestion to parents:

It is from the perspective of evolution, I don't have anything, we are first animals, then it is people.

What does this sentence mean? That is, we certainly like children become smarter.

However, if the child's pressure is too large, he will not only become smart, but it will become more stupid.