Novice parents bring the baby's "journey" - to avoid the "pit"!

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Novice parents bring the baby's "journey" - to avoid the "pit"!

2021-11-26 06:02:19 9 ℃

When the baby is born, for his parents, it is challenged every day.

Here, a few pits that the parents should be avoided on the way. Let's take a look.

First, sleeping position

Sleeping always sleeps in a posture, some baby likes to sleep, some baby likes to sleep, and some babies like to sleep.

If you find your baby's migraine, parents should try to correct it in time, because the migraine is not a normal phenomenon.

The baby is small, his skull has not completely qualitative, and it is easier to correct, otherwise it is easy to form a migital, and the head type is not correct.

Mothers can buy a fixed pillow, put on the side of the baby's head, high, so that the head will not be biased toward this side.

Mom can replace a sleep posture for your baby every 2 to 3 hours to help your baby transform your position and sleep.

You can also let your baby sleep rice pillows or buckwheat pillows to help shape.

When mom is feeding your baby, you can also let your baby fall asleep in the opposite direction, so it is easier to correct your baby's sleeping head.

Second, pose

Newborns have not developed yet, the 1-month baby can only take a moment, after three months, it can stand upright.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the newborns, because their neck and back muscles are not perfect, can not support the weight of the head for a long time, and hold the head of the baby when hugging.

One to two months of baby, mainly holding, or occasionally take a smaller hug. When you hug, you can let your baby lying flat in adults, and the hug can let the child lie.

Whether it is a pinup or hug, an adult's forearm must pay attention to the head of the baby.

Another arm is to hold the hips and waist.

Third, whether the newborn needs to be squeezed

In the thoughts of the elderly, after the newborn is born, it is necessary to squeeze it out. So can not only correct the nipple depression, but also cause newborn mastitis, emphasize a point: neonatal nipple depression does not need to be treated.

The news reported a lot of incorrect cases of extrusion of newborns excited inflammation, new hands, parents must pay attention.

Fourth, breastfeeding newborn does not require additional feeding, unless there is special circumstances.

The breast milk contains all the nutrients required for the baby, the safest, most reliable and most complete food.

The breast milk contains 88% water, which can fully supplement the moisture and nutrition you need on the baby, and do not need additional water to replenish moisture.

Therefore, breastfeeding babies have not needed to feed water for 4 months, and additional feeding may increase the burden of infant heart and digestive tract, which is not conducive to the child's growth and development.

If there is special circumstances, such as: high fever, diarrhea or medication, etc.

V. Parents remember to turn off the lights.

When the baby is born, Bao Da Bao mother is not a day and night in order to take care of the baby. Everyone may prepare a table lamp in the bed, but the bedside light will not only affect the baby's sleep quality, but also affect vision development.