Cooking the fruit victory?In the case, fruit is cooked?

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Cooking the fruit victory?In the case, fruit is cooked?

2021-11-26 06:02:45 8 ℃

Online, pear, orange, grapefruit, apple, red dates, hawthorn, etc., suitable for cooking, not only more nutritious, can prevent disease, such as cough, phlegm, diarrhea, detoxification, anti-thrombosis, anti-stroke , Lowering blood fat, help digestion, etc.

Is these statements not reliable?

First, the fruit of the fruit will lose some nutrient elements, such as boiled process, some water-soluble vitamins will be lost. "These fruits are cooked, and more nutritious" is not accurate. Of course, from the overall health angle, even the fruit has lost some nutrient elements in the cooking process, but most of the nutrient elements remain down, so it is absolutely unable to eat.

Secondly, "These fruits are cooked, and they can prevent disease," is not reasonable. We all know that drugs can treat diseases, but first choose the drug, and the drug should achieve a certain concentration and amount to achieve the effect of treatment. Suppose these fruits, after cooking, it really changed "magic", really changed some magical "effective drug ingredients", but how much can the concentration? How can I eat to treat disease and prevent disease? If all of these are not known, the treatment of disease diseases themselves are empty.

We can also use common sense to reason, if there is a magical fruit, you can become a medicament for treatment, then you should have quality studies to confirm their efficacy and promote all over the world. used. Unfortunately, there is currently no cooked fruit to be used as medicines in the world.

So, these network rumors, we don't have to be true. Of course, if you just like to cook these fruits and eat, it is ok. After all, the cooked fruit still has nutritional value and is worth eating. Just, don't be born because of the listening rumors, I really want to eat some cooked fruits to cure the disease, and the result is a formal diagnosis and treatment, that is not good.

In this case, what is the fruit to cook?

In most cases, the fruit is fresh and delicious, and the nutrient elements are also more complete. However, in some specific circumstances, it may consider cooking fruit to eat fruit. for example:


In order to change the quality

Infants who have limited chewing ability, can't chew well, the big pieces of fruit will have a suffocation risk; therefore, for the harder of the texture, it will choose to boil and eat it; such as apple, pear, etc. When the baby is added as complementary food, it may be considered to cook and give the baby to eat.


In order to change the taste

Some fruits have not been completely mature, and they have a good taste directly, so they improve the taste. In addition, some fruit suitable for jam can also be made by a hit and other means, and finally used as a sauce.


For convenience

When the fruit is mature, in the fresh state, it is not easy to save, it may be considered by cooking or other means, thereby extending the storage period or convenient storage.

In general, there are many types of information and rumors online, and no matter how "a model" written, we must remember to think about it, in order to reason, maybe avoid a lot of pits. Regarding the rumors of the fruit boiled, I think it is a relatively harmful rumor. After all, the fruit itself is a healthy food, even if it is cooked, there is a little nutrient element, but still eat. As long as you don't force your child to eat more, and don't delay your child's regular disease diagnosis and treatment.