The most important thing is the child!International anti-domestic violence day, let us oppose home violence

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The most important thing is the child!International anti-domestic violence day, let us oppose home violence

2021-11-26 06:02:18 12 ℃

Today is the Japanese Anti-Family Violence Day, since 1999, the United Nations General Assembly will set the annual November 25 to the International Anti-domestic violence day.

It is a female, wife, but in fact, many people have ignored children in domestic violence, and the psychological crisis intervention experts said: "From the psychological impact, the most popular Is a child.

Domestic violence may bring children, you don't know where you are, "pain", these children may even don't know what happiness is, and it is possible to grow up into parents' "turning". Parents should be the dearest people in children, but they don't know the most pro, but it is possible to hurt the child's deepest.

"I am hit, otherwise I have no mother." This is a long-term 7-year-old boy who has long been "home violent". This little boy is called every day, and the parents are divorced when they are very small every day, and they have always lived with mom every day.

But my mother is only 20 years old, still very young, one person takes care of the hardships of life every day, leading to the temper of my mother. When the mood is not mood, I will take the sky every day, and I am homing to have a good time. When you are serious, even the wire, the knife is abused every day.

The most embarrassment, the daily clavicle has been cut in a mouth of 7 cm, because the injury is too heavy to be sent to the hospital, and the mother is abused to be exposed.

When I was taken to the hospital every day, in addition to the clavicle of the knees, forehead, neck, belly and limbs all were scars, and there was almost no intact place.

But when the reporter asked every day, every day said: "Although my mother hits me, I still want to stay with her", "I am playing, otherwise I have no mother." Every day, people are more anger, who can think of only 7-year-old child in this year is experienced every day.

The same thing is a lot, the UK local time November 24, the British court announced a 6-year-old boy who had a few hours a few hours of monitoring video. The weak little boy in the video is trying to pick up your quilt and pillows from the ground, and cry more times, "No one loves me, no one gives me food."

After the monitoring video time, the little boy died because the stepmother was died by the stepmother, and the boy's father and the stepmother were arrested for alleged abuse and murder.

Whether it is day or this 6-year-old British boy, their experience is sad, the child can't choose your own birth, and you can't choose your own parents, but every child should not bear such an encounter.

There is a cold violence between husband and wife in daily life, but some parents will take cold violence when treating children. Many times, parents can't even conscious, but cold violence is like a sharp knife to pierce into children. In the heart.

They have some invisible quarrels brought into the husband and wife, and some seem to have a 24-hour companionship. It is not awkward, and some don't know in relationships when they get along with their children.

"Play", "Don't bother me", "Don't I obey, I don't want you", parents such that cold treatment not only can't let children reflect on their own problems, will only bring huge shadows to children, let children become Inferior, timid, sensitive.

1, inferiority, lack of security

The family is a safe harbor. The parents are the day to protect their children, but if the young child is still helpful? Children can only feel silently, even like every day, home violence and mother, still chose their mother.

Children growing in the shadow of domestic violence, not only from small lack of security, long-lasting, and people are also easy to fall into inferiority, become a good personality, and even become self-violent.

2, personality is weak, do not undertake responsibility

The child has been treated by parents for a long time, or the violence between parents is long-term, and the heart is full of fear, fear, at home, do not dare to talk to their parents, fear anger to anger, parents or stimulating quarrels.

In the past, the child's sexual style is bound to be only Nord, not afraid, do not dare to refuse, and don't dare to take responsibility, become a weak person.

3, becoming the same person as parents

The child is the mirror of the parents, how to do our parents usually, and the child naturally follows. If the parents in life often play their children, or if they solve problems, the child will naturally feel that this is a way to solve the problem.

So in the school, in the society, the child is born, fighting, on the one hand, the child has long been facing the violence of parents for a long time, and this is not a wrong behavior. On the other hand, the child is nowhere to vent, naturally, violence, and finally become The same person as parents.

There are many parents who have love their children in the world, but some parents do things that hurt their children, let us talk to the atrochang to "not", give your child healthy growth environment!

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