Will the Golden Bear First Fetus?

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Will the Golden Bear First Fetus?

2021-11-27 06:05:51 38 ℃

There are many friends who raise gold bears, and many knowledge of ram should also find a lot on the network. But there are many rumors on the Internet, some are more horrific. So will the Tire Bear will eat the first child?

In fact, the first child of the Golden Bear will not eat, the golden bear eats the cub. It is actually because of these three reasons:

First, the cub is touched by people;

Second, the mother-inki slice bears are inadequate;

Third, feel the danger.

So please don't believe that in order to protect the first child of the golden bears, you must separate the child and mother!

So specific reasons is this.

First, don't overview and touch within 7 days after the birth of the Golden Bear, don't override the environment, don't hurry to replace the filler, don't even open how many cubs in the bear nest. They will not only be odorless, and they will be extremely nervous and vigilant!

Second, timely supplementary nutrition, you can give the mother to eat some foods with high protein content, such as protein and melon seeds.

Third, the Jin Silk will give up this child's nutrition when you feel the external threat, and you will have a replenishment of your own nutrition, then find a safe place and the time to reproduce again. Therefore, I have been raising a cat, dogs and other pets, I often send some golden bear to eat cubs.

In fact, all the mothers of all creatures are love children. If the Golden Bear feels that you can raise your child, you won't eat children.