"A mother jumped out yesterday." The child's education is unimaginable to the mother's pressure.

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"A mother jumped out yesterday." The child's education is unimaginable to the mother's pressure.

2021-11-27 06:06:01 36 ℃

Mother's role is an important and special subject in the entire growth process, starting from their new life. I have been growing up to this child, my mother is always the closest and most reliable person. However, with the development of society, there are also people 's rhythm of life, and many problems will come one after the mother and children.

Now we can always hear people who have made my mother are sigh. Oops, now there is too much pressure in life, it is not easy to raise children, these words. It is undeniable that a certain amount of raising is indeed a positive use of positive 16692174744 for mothers, which can help them be more scientific and faster to guide the growth of children. It can make this mother can grow up quickly and accelerate the pace of a qualified mother.

But at the same time, when such a pressure is too large, the effect is often counterproductive, those adverse negative effects, will have many adverse effects on the mother's own life and work. The negative emotional experience of excessive raising stress will also go to indirectly affect the mother's educational concept and his educational behavior. Even let them produce postpartum depression. In turn, go to children to cause many adverse effects.

In recent years, we often find how difficult your mother is in a variety of film and television works. In the society, they are always more difficult than men. Because they are the party of birth children, they also have an obligation to raise their children in what is in any impression. Many mothers cannot return to their work immediately after birth, so there will be many pressure on work.

When many large units recruit talents, I will ask you how you have a marriage for you? Do you have a plan for children? If you have, the probability will not be selected. And the mother is actually working properly after childbirth, and it will face a lot of embarrassment, such as a child. What should I do with you? What should I do after postpartum overflow? There are also problems such as postpartum urinary incontinence.

Then there is a lot of pressure on the child's education. For example, you will want children to have a good future. From the beginning of the child enter the kindergarten, there is such a high expectation.

For example, like entering the kindergarten to enter the best kindergarten, you will be in the best in kindergarten, and it is still like this, and then it will grow up. But these for your mother, it is a heavy stability. At the same time, the fishelong mixed early education market, often adds the mother's frustration, tired and anxious.

And the mother does not only serve as a mother's mother, and he is also a person living in society, and has its own life and work. Mother This role often worry about doing bad and negative, and also faces the salary and environmental issues of work. These problems will make the mother's emotions change, the mood is low, and the pressure of raising the child is gradually increased.

Some mothers even said that in addition to work and households in their lives, they are taking care of their children, and he does not have something to do with yourself.

If they are doing yourself, they are not their psychological will have a certain sense of guilt, and the pointing points of the people are pointing, while the surrounding people finger point and criticism will also make them doubts, whether their life is Should there be self? They live for themselves, will it be selfish? And these are also derived from the pressure in society.

And we all know that the closer to your child, the more you have to accept the problems that the child may have in education. For example, children like youth rebellion, always think that the idea of ​​parents came back, the father is still good, he does not always appear in education, so there is no contradiction with the child. But as a mother who is often contradictory, in education, it is more likely to be "resentful".

We can often see in those film and television works, because the child is in a rebellion, wanting to do it with the mother's ideas, the mother let them do, they will do, do not learn. Smoking, drinking, and even do something that violates social morality.

And whenever the child has such a problem, the people around us will always blame her mother, say: Why don't you teach your child? You see what he has made, the previous child, especially when you are educating a boys.

Therefore, Xiaobian feels that the child's education problem and the pressure of these brought the mother, shouldn't it be on my father? The child is the result of the common education between the two sides and the crystallization of the two parties. We should not let the widowed education are rampant in family education in China. Father must participate in educating children's issues, to take responsibility for treating families.


If the father will help the mother share some pressure, maybe there will be so many mothers have depression, and even after the child, their lives have reduced a lot of fun and happiness. These are because they are not in place for their father and their husbands, they will lead to such a phenomenon, and the family wants to be harmonious. Father must assume the responsibility he should bear, so let's talk together, refuse this widney education.