"Will you give your child a cheap clothes on the booth?" The answer of the parents, some unexpectedly

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"Will you give your child a cheap clothes on the booth?" The answer of the parents, some unexpectedly

2021-11-27 12:06:16 40 ℃

People's lives are inseparable from the four words, but choose clothes to children, but also pay attention to material and quality, but also pay attention to styles and practices.

In addition, clothes for children have always been a headache for parents.

There is such a post on the Internet to discuss the discussion of netizens. The question is like this: "Do you give your child to buy 20 cheap clothes?" This problem is a test gold stone, trying to explore the parents Children different educational concepts.

20 dollars, I can't buy a cup of milk tea in a city, so for this price of clothes, some parents are indeed "嗤 嗤", saying that they will not let the children wear 20 dollars clothes, think that there is no What is good clothes, this is not responsible for the child, and it is also shameful.

However, in the rest of thousands of answers, more parents said that the child's body is growing, not buying too expensive clothes, I am afraid that they have developed bad habits, and the second is also worried that children can't wear a few times. Will be wasted, so you will be bought for your child, even have bought this kind of dress.

In the eyes of these treasures, the clothes are not necessarily, the key is that the child is comfortable and happy. If the clothes on the stalls are good, they are willing to buy, the child is still not too luxurious, so the parents' answer, how much is still unexpected.

Although parents have different attitudes in their clothes, it is not difficult to find that there must be some subjective and objective factors, such as consumption concepts and personal homes, and so on.

According to the system, parents should develop their own education in accordance with their different personality, the situation, but the same, in modern society, parents must learn to teach "wealth".

For example, if we are discussed above, we must pay 20 pieces of clothes on the bodies, some family economy is better, but most people are still in ordinary families, the province's money is still Province.

In this regard, parents are the most taboo is swollen face and fat. In order to face-called face or sense of responsibility, the economic conditions of overdrawing the family will meet the endless requirements of the child, which is inexpensive.

In fact, parents are nothing more than that of the way, and each kind of advantage and disadvantage are there. There are some suggestions to give parents. You can learn from the best purchase to give your child the most suitable purchase. Clothing solution.

Parents buy clothes to their children, there are many ways, and there is a wide range of ways, which can have different advantages and disadvantages, which is really what we need to know.

1) Children's clothing store

Advantages: Children's clothing stores must be customary, children do not have any problems, and parents can take their children to try, dissatisfaction can also return it in time.

Disadvantages: But the disadvantage is that the price may be higher, this price is not easy to pay for each family, let alone when the child is a long body, you need to buy clothes frequently, these are not a small fee .

2) Online

Advantages: The biggest advantage of buying clothes online is that parents can pick them freely, choose space, and prices are relatively cheap.

Disadvantages: But because it is not a physical store, the quality of the clothes is difficult to guarantee, the child is not necessarily fit, and it is very troublesome to change.


Advantages: Buying clothes on the floor stall must be cheap, and if the conditions are met, you can try it for a try, and there is no pressure for most families.

Disadvantages: The disadvantage is a lot of clothes here, and it is impossible to learn from its source, especially the child's skin is very delicate, may cause relevant issues.

◎ Material should choose comfort and breathable

The most important thing to buy clothes for children is to consider comfort, as well as the fabric breathable, the child's skin is very sensitive, and the adults are different. If we are uncomfortable, it is easy to cause discomfort, and they will be lost.

◎ hooded sweater is not recommended to buy

Many parents like to dress up their children, compare the trend fashion, so the eyes stay in hooded sweater, but its risk factor is very high, and the drawstring is easy to card in some corners, bringing danger to the child.

◎ There are too many clothes that don't avoid avoiding

There is a child and adults who have the heart of love, sometimes give priority to the clothes with excessive decorations, and this dress is not potentially dangerous to the child's existence?

For example, two of the above, metal materials are easy to cut the skin of the child, or let the child swallow in the belly, the card is in the throat, so parents still try to avoid.