In the early pregnancy, what is going on in the "disappearance"?These "small knowledge", pregnant mothers are paying attention to

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In the early pregnancy, what is going on in the "disappearance"?These "small knowledge", pregnant mothers are paying attention to

2021-11-27 12:06:12 41 ℃

First take everyone to look at a little story, Nan Nan marriage has been three years. Two people have always want a child, but after a smooth presence, I found it because Nan Nan's body will have some small problems. Therefore, two people are also very careful in pregnancy, and do a good job of work, and successfully take good luck after pregnancy. This good news, it is really letting two people happy, when I just learned that I was pregnant, in fact, the response reaction was still quite stronger, plus the original smell is relatively sensitive, so I said some greasy taste, It's not a matter of spit.

But at this time, my husband also took the best to bear it. After all, the pregnancy response after pregnancy was also very common, and the thing that was eaten still had to eat, otherwise, the little guys in his body and the belly were also Live, so he is groggy every day, you can eat more nutritious food, but it is often eating, very tossing. But after getting up in the morning, I found that this kind of feeling that I was disgusting, and the appetite is particularly happy. The couple are still very happy, thinking is the little guys in the belly, my mother, just catching the day, two After I went to the hospital, I found that I have already had a sign of a certain fetal stop, but it is good to find some conditioning and diagnosis.

What we want here is that in fact, the degree of early pregnancy will have a certain difference because of the different physiques of pregnant mothers, but if they have these cases, pregnant mothers may have to pay more attention.

1, abdominal pain and accompanying the emergence of seeing red.

Some moms will have a small amount of red phenomenon when they have just detected their pregnancy. In fact, this is also a performance of successful beds, but when I have already determined pregnancy, after a period of time, I found my abdominal pain Strong, and there is a certain red situation, it must not be very good, timely go hospital for treatment, is the responsibility of himself and the little guys.

2. The original strong politic response suddenly disappeared.

This is the experience of pregnant mother Nan Nan, which mentioned above, in fact, some pregnant mothers are really a headache in the early pregnancy, because the early pregnancy is serious, and it will vomit something, but The advancement of pregnancy, this situation will gradually disappear, and will not suddenly disappear, he said that you have such a situation, you can don't care, pay attention to it.

3, HCG value is abnormal

In fact, in a normal case, every other day hcg value. It will be doubled, so we also recommend that mom as much as possible in pregnancy, if you find your own value, there is no growth, or you should pay more attention to it. , Pay more attention to the development of small guys in the belly.

4, the fetal heart fetal buds have slowed slow

In fact, after the time you are pregnant, we can detect the fetal heart buds of the little guys in your stomach, and the slowest time is 50 days, but if you haven't had fetal heart buds in more than two months. If you want to pay more attention, it is very likely that the fetus in your belly has an exception.

In the early pregnancy, the little guys in the belly are still a relatively sensitive pregnant mother, and should pay more attention to some abnormalities, and must be a spirit. A lot of attention.