Science Collection you have to understand before pregnancy

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Science Collection you have to understand before pregnancy

2021-11-27 12:05:01 27 ℃

Although it is already a mother of two children, but for pregnancy, it is a little less than pregnant. I think a lot of friends are like me. When I know that I am pregnant, I will go to the hospital to do a B-ultrasound. After the blood sample check, after the pregnancy, then according to the doctor's advice to arrange the corresponding inspection during the pregnancy of October, and finally wait for production to start Moment.

The pregnancy process is beautiful, happy, but also accompanied by challenges and accidents, especially in the first three months of pregnancy, the risk of abortion is very large.

It's hard to eat, but there are some babies to tell the body to carry some genetic defects or some genetic mutations. This is an unpredictable thing for each family.

This also makes a lot of friends to be cautiously treat this thing, how to give high quality babies, is our homework we need to do in advance.

This precise improvement of egg quality scientific pregnancy pregnant treasures "Good pregnancy, starting from eggs", will be a book that you have to read.

The book tells too much too much of how much we don't know, affecting some problems of pregnancy, especially for friends who are expected to be mothers, there are many we can do try as much as possible in their daily lives, like bisphenols. A, toxin such as phthalate.

The author tells us that bisphenol A is a toxin, which has an impact on egg quality and fertility. The bisphenol A is present in a variety of plastic products, especially heating, acid, ultraviolet irradiation, and after contact with the liquid, these harmful chemicals are released. There are cans, canned foods are the most important bisphenol A source in food; another source is the supermarket of small tickets.

The quality of the egg decides everything, but bisphenol A can affect the reaction of ovaries to promote ovate drugs, and will also affect the binding of progesterone and receptors to reduce the early uterometrial band of pregnancy. Both phenol A in the mother can also pass through the placental barrier into the fetus, affecting the development of the fetus's brain and reproductive system.

There are also toxins such as phthalates. The phthalate is mainly produced in plastics, ethylene resins, cleaning products, nail polish and perfume and other products. Especially in the favorite nail polish in female friends, the highest content.

However, we don't want the wind.

The author also mentions some of the tasting nutrients, such as 芷, royal jelly, left-handed arginine. Like a bee royal jelly, as we know, the royal jelly is a very good tonic, but the author tells us that hormones in the royal jelly may damage the hormone balance of the body, which in turn cannot predict the health of the body.

If you are pregnancy now, I hope this book can help you answer questions, improve the rate of conception, and give birth to a healthy baby!