What kind of family is from the smart child?South Korea is amazingly amazing

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What kind of family is from the smart child?South Korea is amazingly amazing

2021-11-27 12:05:33 40 ℃

Recently, I accidentally discovered a Korean variety of "British Excavation Group", no longer boring star, but excavated the talents across Korea, record their daily, then give them the corresponding training. There is a good guidance role in a child with a child who can be outstanding in the parenting process.

One of the programs is impressive. This program introduces three children with high IQ, and these children's families have three characteristics, which is very reference value.

In less than 4 years old, Yan Yitang, the language ability is excellent, the vocabulary reserves are amazing, not only golden sentences, the name letter of various dinosaurs is coming, but simple physical common sense can come out. In the language proficiency test, it got a super high score of 99.9. The child's parents gave birth to him at the age of 41.

The second child, Zheng Ren, is amazing, and the road sign remembers will be clear and can be drawn. This child with excellent focus, memory, and image visual capabilities is gave birth at 47 years old.

The last child is simply amazing, and 20 years old has become the official open accountant of the top accounting instant South Korea. Many of these accountants have been adopted for a lifetime, and less than 20 years old is only used for 10 months. It is also very good. He is gave birth to his parents at the age of 39.

Seeing this, many people may return their highhans and excellence to their parents. In fact, it will feel that it will feel seriously after reading the variety.

The reason why these children are so good, it is because their parents are excellent parents, and excellent parents can naturally raise outstanding children.

Many people say that the most terrible thing in the world is to have a parent without exam. It can be seen that there is a lot of parents in the world that can become excellent parents.

So how do you cultivate 3 talented parents in the program to achieve excellent?

Respect children's nature

When I was talented to the language genius, he took out the kitchen's rice, no matter how Ja Sa is getting everywhere, or packed the parents to make a mess, and the parents are not angry. Not only is not angry, his parents also play together, and the whole family is happy because of a barrel of rice.

Such a scene is not thinking about in many families. Generally, the parents will realize that when the child will pick up the rice from the kitchen, they will start "making the demon", the alert radar line in the brain will let the parents To stop your child.

Many times the parents feel that the child is doing this is wrong, and it will be dangerous, but these are the parents standing in the perspective of adults. Playing with mud is not hygienic, will also make the child dirty, some toys are troublesome, and the battlefield is more tiring, so

For parents, the children's exploration behavior is stopped. Creativity comes from exploring practices, the chance of children have not tried, curious nature is killed, naturally becoming everyone.

High quality companionship

Memory Talent Zheng Renzhen, because you know the child's interest in the road sign, the father is not annoying, and the child has never been to the place to see various road sign.

Language Ten Tall, Yumi Tan, more than 3 years, father thundered, reading 40 minutes to 1 hour story book every day.

During the growth of children, the parents' words and teachings are required. Parents have long-term high quality companionships to make them more

Understand the children's ideas, respect your child's growth law, discover your child's potential

High quality companionships let children know the love of parents,

Establish a good intimate relationship, let your child more sunshine, confident, optimistic, calm.

Great love and encouragement

The parents of the accountant's parents said such a thing. When the whole family travels, Park Zhonghong once secretly slipped back to the car, and parents thought that the child was lost, and the heart was in a hurry. The end of the story at 99% of the family should be a child being violent, but the parents in Park Zhonghong can not be angry with the child. Park Zhonghong said that in his own growth process, never been reprimled.

The whole body loves and encourages a child to express, dare to work hard, have more security to try, work hard, and more incense to meet failed, continue to work hard, struggle for the future.

Ability to give your child wholeheartedly, give your child high quality companion, let your child play their own nature, accept and respect the child from the heart, in order to let children get more support and attention in intellectual development and emotional development, let children have more Multi-expression desires, let children have successful driving force, truly win on the starting line.