"Dad is old, I will feel at ease, I am relieved" "No, he doesn't miss the house"

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"Dad is old, I will feel at ease, I am relieved" "No, he doesn't miss the house"

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"You think that children like or don't like things, no children really like or don't like it." --- Roman Roland


Parents like it, don't necessarily have children, and parents forced children to like it, not necessarily the child can accept. Nowadays, many parents are "the name of love" to add a lot of parents to the child, but in fact, for the child, it is a burden.

"Allow children to get happiness in their own way, isn't this a good thing?" --- Samuel Johnson

What is the child really need? This is a problem that every parent should think, but it is also a problem that every parent is easy to ignore. Because parents always think that children are still small, children don't understand, so they naturally arrange everything, but many times, they arrange them to children, they are what they like, not children need.

Just like the protagonist of the TV series "small house", it is a mother, although it is a matter of care for his children, but in the end, the child suffers from depression. The child wants to play football. She said that she will affect learning, not letting children have extracurricular activities; children want to eat fruit, she said that the sugar is high, will affect intellectual development; in order to let the children grabbed the upstream, do not hesitate to take the child's spare time Fill it with a couch class. Finally, I turned my child into a test machine, lacking a happy childhood.

Parents' love for children is undoubtedly the greatest, unquestionable. Every parent wants to give the best education and best living conditions, I hope that the child can have a future future, and do all the costs "possibly" useful things for him to give him the future, In fact, this is not rational. The child is needed, maybe not these.

Older, preference

Deng Wei is 45 years old this year, and the child has just born in the last year, it is a boy. He also had a daughter before, and his daughter was 14 years old. He is very happy to be old, and a few table banquets have been booked at the hotel.

Deng Wei's daughter is very excellent, from the piano chess and painting and painting, the student results are also very good, never let the parents worry, the daughter has always been his pride and soft. But after the son was born, he had rarely asked the daughter's learning situation. Every day, I returned home to hold my children. I sometimes even daughter made him taught him to do homework. Deng Wei also said that there was no time, so that her daughter was very sad.

Deng Wei followed his father to ran business, so he also accumulated a lot of customers, and now there is a lot of money. When the son of the full moon, Deng Wei was very happy. I bought a suite in the city as a full moon ceremony.

But Deng Wei believes that these are not enough, he always worried that he was old, and there was no way to accompany the child for too long. When the child was 20 years old, he was 65 years old. At the age of 65, the son of that time is needed to support it. Time, but he may have no power. He is worried, he hopes that his son will have a good, and you will not be willing to make your old man even tired his son.

Take care of your son, hurt your daughter

Deng Wei knows that his age is here, must be prepared for his son as soon as possible, so he put his mind on his daughter. When the daughter was born, Deng Wei also bought her a set of rooms as a gift, but the suite is small, the price is not expensive. But now, he also doesn't care so much. In order to give his son more things, you have to ask your daughter to give your own property to your brother. Deng Wei said: "You have to marry it later, the house is left to you, waiting for you to marry, Dad will buy a car again. Now your suite, give your brother first."

But at this time, the daughter is already sensible. She understood that her father did, so she refused, she said with Deng Wei: "Your property is his, mother's property is also his, why do I have to give him." The daughter is very sad, with Deng Greeting, ran back to the room and cried.

Deng Wei didn't understand, this is the first time the daughter is the first time. He believes that her daughter is adolescent, began to rebellious, do not understand things at all, don't know how to do my parents.

But later Deng Wei's practice was criticized by his wife, his wife said: "The son is your child, the daughter is not your child?"

Deng Wei's friend does not support his practice. Although I can understand him, I can't support him. After all, his approach is really too eccentric, can't damage your daughter because of his son.

Brothers and sisters are relying on each other in the future

Many families who have to have a second child. In fact, they all have a common wish, I hope that the parents will be hundreds of years, even if they are not there, the brothers and sisters can become each other. The relatives are still relatives, the blood relationship is a constant, a good relative relationship, better than countless social relationships.

Therefore, in life, parents should pay attention to maintain their feelings, don't let their own behaviors have a separation between children. Especially there are several children's families, how to give every child fairly, and every parent needs to consider.

For Deng Wei, because of a set of rooms, although gave his son a little guarantee, he largely hurt the feelings between daughters and sons, they did not pay.

The feelings of brothers and sisters are shallow, related to their parents

As the saying goes: I am a father and son soldiers, and the brothers of the tiger. Parents always go old, this is the fact that cannot be changed. After the children grow up, the idea of ​​parents has not been uniform, many important moments, and important things, in fact, and brothers and sisters to choose from . Home and everything. A good development of a home, can't leave the harmony of your parents, and you will not leave the joint efforts of your child. The feelings of brothers and sisters are large and largely related to their parents.

Feelings are cultivated from small, don't expect children to understand their parents' hardships and ideas. Understand is a matter, forgiveness is another matter, if parents are too eccentricity between many children, biased a child, but hurt another child, the damage to the child will form, leading to the child's opponent Feelings are not conducive to future emotional development.

How parents are at this bowl of water, they need parents to work hard, learn and action. Anyway, cultivate the child into "people", is the ultimate mission of parents, give him a rich material conditions, but it is a social locust, which means?

If you really love your child, you should teach him the correct idea and behavior, cultivate his life skills, and money will always be used. Only the skills can be in society, this is what the child is really needed. .