Baby autumn and winter these "pseudo-cold" symptoms, Bao Ma does not have to worry, in fact, it is normal reaction

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Baby autumn and winter these "pseudo-cold" symptoms, Bao Ma does not have to worry, in fact, it is normal reaction

2021-11-28 12:08:05 37 ℃

In the course of childcare, the most worrying thing to make Bao Ma is the baby is sick. The injection of the injection is very difficult, watching their little face is uncomfortable because of the illness, as a mother really can't get sick for them. Therefore, the baby's health has become the greatest prayer of Bao Ma, and many people are also quite "grass and wood", especially in autumn and winter, fearning that the baby has a cold sick, there is a little, hurry to take medicine, every A mother will understand this behavior, but in fact, some of the births of the baby is actually "appearance", does not mean that he is really sick.

It is a flat designer. After you have finished my child, I will have a baby at home. She feels happiness and satisfying every day. I have a little gratifying about my little person before the eyes.

It is indeed a qualified mother. All aspects are very good, she loves the child to love the bones, but there are many concerns, I am afraid that the child is uncomfortable, so I have Mind usually took the child to the hospital.

Recently, the weather is colder than a day, and there are more and more children around him. It is more fearful. If you start sneezing, she feels that it is a cold. I will take my children to the hospital. I will take a child to sleep more. She also hit the body temperature meter. The amount is not a fever, it is really a heart that is invincible and sensitive old mother.

Yesterday, because of the child, she thought it was a precatale with a cold. She took the child to the hospital, and I have been giving them a doctor asking her that the child didn't play last night, and I thought about it, the doctor helpless It's really sensitive to it. In fact, it is not so nervous. Some of the children's performance is not because of sick. This way is more likely to cause cross infections, let it relax, don't always misjudge your child. Physical health.

Autumn and winter as a high-blown period, it does not mean that all children will "truss". Many of the baby's performance is actually a "pseudo-cold" symptom, and the treasure moms don't have to worry too much.

I believe that many treasures have encountered this situation, the baby will stream a little bit of nose, at this time, someone starts to arrange for the baby to eat all kinds of cold medicine, in fact, this phenomenon is normal, sleep in the quilt in the quilt Warm and warmth, the temperature is relatively low, plus it from the quilt, adapting to the temperature, no temperature, the nose is normal, even the adults will have such a situation, let alone a child! Moreover, often blindly taking medicine will make your baby's physique is getting worse and worse. It will really be sick.

The weather in the autumn and winter season is also dry, especially when the drying situation is more serious after living in the room, and the baby will have a cough in the baby, and it will not be coughing this sound in a row, and the treasure moms who love the child are heard. If you cough, you will mess, all kinds of worried children are cold, will not develop into pneumonia! Hurry and see your doctor! In fact, the baby is just because of the dry throat.

Occasionally, when I was sleeping at night, I found a big red face, it looked like a fever, and the heart of the treasure made the blind eye, but the amount of body temperature was not hot, then I would like to give the child to the child. Lower pull, it may be normal to return to the face. After the baby is sick, it is really bright, but it is occasionally hot, it will make the face red, so it is correct to judge what the baby is caused by the cause of the baby, don't let yourself be too tight.

The baby's resistance is indeed particularly strong, it is easy to be invaded by the disease, but the following points can effectively avoid the probability of sickness of the baby.

Many treasure moms will give their children on a thick dress, especially those who have already gone, they are like a scorpion, in fact, doing this is precisely because children's "" The firepower is more strong, and they walk around the West to see that the little foot will stop, wear too much will let them get more sweat, but it is easy to catch a cold.

In addition, you must give your child more moisture, autumn and winter dry dry, children are easy to get angry, respiratory disease increase, more hydrated water to make the respiratory tract become more humid, can also alleviate the drying caused by dry, further promote metabolism, discharging more Physical waste; there is a very important point to do not let the children in the room, take the child to breathe and breathe fresh air in the weather, improve the child's body immunity.

Caring for the child is the instinct of every mother, but there are more people to understand and prevent the baby's disease, and they can take care of them, so that they are so sick, and they can not be in fear every day.