The husband refused his wife painless childbirth: not to have children, don't know why you marry!

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The husband refused his wife painless childbirth: not to have children, don't know why you marry!

2021-11-28 12:08:19 41 ℃

When many women are in love, they always fall into a feeling of feelings. At this time, my husband is the favorite of myself, and I really test a man's moment, not when he is married to you, nor he said to you. When you are talking about it, but when you enter the housekeepers, you have seen this news before you have a child, that is, in a maternal hospital in Hangzhou, because the 26-year-old young mother really endures the pain of the child, so say It is raised that there is a painless childbirth, which is equal to his husband, has a good wife who has died and lives, but he refuses to sign the painless delivery book. His reason is to make a anesthesia have an impact on the child. Regardless of the anesthesiologist and doctor how to explain to her, the anesthetic concentration of painless delivery will not have any effect on the fetus and the maternal, but the man's attitude is still particularly resolute. Lying in the bed, there is no one-strength mother, crying against my husband, I hate you forever.

In fact, this matter has also caused a lot of repercussions on the Internet, and even a netizen said directly that when you have a child, you know that you are married, people or beasts. Indecent of his wife lives in the house, you are born for you, but you are not your own wife outside, but anesthesia to people. It can be said that the man's refusal, let his wife are closer to death.

I believe that everyone has seen such a report, that is, a expectant mother before Shaanxi, because she can't stand the pain of childbirth, asked to crackish vegetation, but was refused by her husband and mother-in-law, after refused Emotional collapse, eventually chose to have a child jumping with suicide, many people feel difficult to understand, why will children be so painful? Many men can't understand. Even if the girl we mentioned above, I finally got a baby, but although the pain of the body would heal, the scars in my heart will never care.

Imagine, if you are lying on the bed, then your parents will say, so do you not do it? When you have a car accident, you need to do surgery, your parents will tell the doctor who is not good to you? When you have a child, your mom and dad will be worried about your safety, but it is very comforted, but if you have changed this to your husband, he said that there is anesthesia to anesthesia. Even the news we will often see online online is that when the doctor is guaranteed, the husband's answer is still: protect your child. I don't know what to think about this time, what will I think about my expectant? Therefore, men will never say that they are touched by their wife, because you will never do feelings.

There are several college students to experience the pain of childbirth. They are unbearable at the beginning, hobbies have always required the doctor to suspend, but this pain is only 1/10 of normal delivery, the experience time is normal delivery time / 8 is not arriving, but this is enough to have a doubt, which we can reflect how much pain can be refactored in the real production process. After doing this experience, they all say how women have to know how women have a woman. Not easy, I know how much it is when my mother is born.

In fact, the pain on the body is just part of the expectant mothers. When a woman walks into the house, it is equivalent to walking into the ghost gate. I don't know if you have seen a documentary called "living gate", 33 years old. Xia Jinju, the third time, caesarean section, did not expect a big bleeding after the schedule, the amount of bleeding reached 2000 ml, in fact, our body's body is only 4,000 ml, which is equivalent to removed half, doctors urgently He has been rescued, it has bleeding, seven thousand eight million ml, which is equivalent to bleeding blood and blood, even twice in the whole process, because she refused to cut the uterus, so I said the whole process Quite hard, he also turned a few laps before the ghost gate, was rescued by the doctor.

And this whole process, her husband is not around him. It is said that it is busy with your own business, can't catch back. With the only one of his mother, he will help her massage. The director of this documentary also said that many people feel that they are two things. The husband and wife are common. It is not the case. It is really not the case.

According to a data, it also indicated that in 2017, the mortality rate of maternal in the country is 0.19%, that is, some people will die in every 5,000 maternal women. So a man must don't say to your wife: a child is a character of the sky, everyone has experienced, not big deal.

You have no personal experience, you will never qualify this sentence, you don't even know that your wife go in, it is still dead.

Marriage is two people working in this life, and the life of two people is better than a person living than a person. When a girl is a person, you can buy itself, you can buy it yourself. The day has a lot of taste, but if you choose to get married, it means to make a sacrifice, you have to take responsibility. There are a lot of girls who have children and their husbands. For this small family, it is buried in your own career.